Let’s go back 10 years

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Anyone else out there that loves these old songs from almost ten years ago? I remember this songs from when it came out in 2008 and I was so, so upsessed with it that until today, I know the lyrics by heart and still have those emotional moments were I dig it up to listen to. Tonight is actually one of those nights – Friday night: the week has been exhausting, there are so many things that have been discussed, are being discussed and probably some things will never find an end. Looking at the bright side of life though: it’s finally Friday evening!

I just finished my last emails after spending the whole day in Geneva. Now it’s time to finally lie down on the couch, stretch out as far as possible, be as lazy as one can be and fill the room with music from the 90’s up to early 2008! Wishing you all a great start to the weekend! xo

Delayed Oscars on a Friday

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Happy Friday Lovelies! Finally, finally, I am lying on my sofa and can fully relax – I have been waiting for this the whole week! It’s been such a busy day today again, emails overflowing my inbox from all sides and continents possible. However – I always prefer busy days over absolute boring days. Now that I have not had the chance to watch the Oscars 2015 yet – so sad! – I have finally decided to plant myself in front of my new mac and just enjoy the Oscars. Oh, and the Swiss Music Awards are also on tonight! I must admit that I am not really watching them intensely, however I do have them on in the background (without voice) to always check a little what is going on there. Wishing you all a fun Friday night! xo

It’s the Final Countdown

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Current mood: It’s the final countdown! After waking up this morning and realising it’s the last day of the year, this song popped up and keeps repeating itself in my head. I can’t believe the year is over already – again. Time flies, and it seems to fly faster than usual. What are your plans for tonight?  After a lot of deciding and choosing between different events, countries and parties, I chose to stay in Düsseldorf with the family. We will have a cozy nice dinner at home – enjoy some music and relax. Not the whole night, though! After dinner we will slowly head out to a party near our place – supposedly the whole town is going there haha. So I’m excited to see how that turns out. They have different themes regarding music, but I think we will be going to the 80’s and 90’s party – love the music from that time!


50 Shades of: Haunted, by Beyoncé

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Happy Friday everyone! How hot is this video, please? I cannot get over this – it’s art all the way! And how excited are you to see 50 Shades of Grey this upcoming year?