Friday night it is! I’ve decided for a super cozy evening on my couch, had a great dinner previously and am now surfing the web whilst watching CNN on the side – I couldn’t ask for more! The week has gone by fast, obviously – we had Monday off. Now here it comes: I have the upcoming Monday off again! How cool is that? It’s a public holiday in Zurich (not in all of Switzerland), so I can relax and enjoy the (finally) great spring weather. It was beautiful today – around 20°C and it was absolutely amazing to walk around in a t-shirt.

The only thing that seems to be missing is THIS pool we had at the Sifawy Hotel in Oman, and well, maybe the beach! I cannot wait for the next holiday to come up! I am planning my next trip with the family, so let’s see when and where that will be (either late summer or autumn). However, it will surely involve some beach and hot bikini weather – so exciting!

Now I’ll continue listening to potential future scenarios in Cuba (all on CNN), whilst surfing some of my favorite blogs, and wish you a great Friday night! xo

IMG_5655-1 (verschoben)

IMG_5654-1 (verschoben)

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