A Day in Maastricht

Flowers! I love flowers – and I love Maastricht! The combination of both made me smile the whole of last Sunday. As you might have read from my last posts, I was in DΓΌsseldorf this past weekend to visit my family and enjoy some time off. Sunday we decided to drive to Maastricht (Holland), to go for some shopping and (for me) to explore a new city. I have never been there before, although it is only an hour drive from where we live in Germany, and I must say I absolutely love the city. I love Holland in general – what is it with the people always being so kind and happy over there? It’s so great!

As much as I love fashion, I cannot stop myself from going into Interior Decoration shops at the moment. Or shops that have a great variety of baking and cooking utensils. Okay, I admit I love everything that has to do with (my) home – be it the closet, the insides, the shoes that are stored and kept at one’s own place, the kitchen, the lovely decorations all around, just everything. Holland (and all Scandinavian countries it seems) have a great, and I mean GREAT, sense of style in regards to living at home. One of my all-time-favorite stores is probably RiviΓ¨ra Maison. They have a semi-big store in DΓΌsseldorf, a store with some of their designs in Zurich, and a HUGE store in Maastricht. It is over three levels large and has about everything I could ever dream of for my future home. I made so many photos in that store (I’ll have to show you in another post) and of course had to buy a few decoration pieces for my apartment. I cannot wait to show you!

Back to flowers – I love flowers how you might have noticed. What is it with the Dutch and their amazing talent for making the most amazing flower arrangements? And they are so cheap compared to prices in Zurich, and even to most places in Germany. Unfortunately the long drives ahead and the traveling in between made it impossible for me to take a whole bunch of flowers with me. However, I had to buy two vases – a large and a smaller one. I can’t wait to buy more flowers now (and show you each and every bouquet)! :-)

Till then, I wish you all a great Wednesday! I shall have a long day at the office it seem and then FridayΒ morning (if not tomorrow tonight) I will be off to Geneva. Till then! xo










  • karla jocellyn
    March 22, 2015

    Hi I love your blog!!! About to subscribe to it! If you could please check out mine and possibly subscribe. <3 Have a wonderful day gorgeous!!

    • Laura Nanette
      March 23, 2015

      Thank you Karla, that is so sweet of you! I surely need to update everything again but im struggling with the Internet and uploading any files currently on my vacation trip in Oman. I will definitely check out your blog once I can surf the net without difficulties again :)

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