Merry Christmas!

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On this oh-so-special day, I want to wish everyone (to those celebrating) a Merry Christmas! For some it may not be as spectacular anymore as we remember it back from our childhoods. Honestly, I feel its changed much in the last couple of years. This year I am in Malta, visiting my family. Although I love visiting them, and I enjoy the sun and rather warm temperatures during the day – it’s far from feeling Christmas-y. Nevertheless, we decided to not stress ourselves this year, just go with the flow, enjoy the quality time with the family, loved ones, and friends. We had friends over for a big lunch and are keeping dinner rather small and not so fatty (the body will thank!). Perhaps we will start opening up some presents tonight, maybe continue tomorrow. This year it’s really all about not stressing and enjoying the time off. It feels so nice to be able to sleep in and not worry about the business or anything else other than when it’s time to eat, sleep or go for a walk (with the dog)! With that, I wish everyone happy holidays and joyful, continuing weekend!

Ocean Vibes

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Hello and happy Friday! I couldn’t be more happy to finish this week – not that I don’t love what I do, but I also love sleeping in and I really look forward to it this weekend. Yesterday evening I took a short break from “life” and went to the movies with a friend of mine – we watched “Now you can see me 2”. I didn’t see the first one, unfortunately, but the second one surely was good! Of what I heard though, the first one was a tad better. Well well, either way it was a nice change to my usual evening-studies. I also wanted to share a few more photos from Malta with you from last weekend. I really enjoy going to this little Island, spending time with my family and dog, and walking around the stone beaches and exploring some of the nature there. Diving is supposed to be super fun there, too – especially because they have a lot of ship wrecks. Sadly I didn’t find the time yet, as I am always super busy when I go to Malta (with studying, spending time with the family – whom don’t dive – getting my hair touched up, etc.). Next year I’ll surely do it!

Also, I finally went darker again. And nope, I don’t mean I tanned more – though I really wish – but I darkened my roots and am not as blonde anymore. I did love being blonde, and I most likely will go back to it at some point in my life. In recent times though, I’ve felt that my hair needs a break (I’ve been colouring it since I’m 16!) and wanted to go a bit more natural. That being said, my hairdresser used the “balayage” technique and darkened my roots and pulled some of the darker color down my hair. I really do like the change, though, it took me a few days to get used to it and I would swear that my hair actually isn’t that dark. Thus, it could be that my hair grows out lighter on the top *sigh* but I guess I’ll find out soon. Seriously, if there is no reason to really color your hair, don’t do it. Or at least beware that certain natural hair colours are not easily brought back or the hairdresser might have difficulties finding the perfect color match. Nevertheless, I really love my hairdresser in Malta – Sarah – she does an amazing job! If you’re ever looking for a hairdresser in Malta, let me know – and I’ll make sure to send you the details. I don’t have an “after” picture yet, but I’ll try to get one these days. You can definitely already see some though on instagram or snapchat!

That being said, I’ll now finish my lunch and continue with some office work. Enjoy the weekend! xo






Traveling the Netherlands: Jill & Co Lifestyle N°1

Happy Sunday! My mom and I have quite a few things in common – but one passion that we both share is the love to interior design. Both her and I search blogs all the time for entertainment and inspiration, though she looks more into interior than me (I go more for food and fashion I would say). She’s been telling me about this one shop that all interior bloggers from Germany seem to have gone too and that it’s a must see. So today we decided to drive over to Holland to find exactly that store (and a few little other ones). It’s only about a 45min drive away from Düsseldorf, which makes it a jump more or less. The store really was amazing. I love this kind of style and I wish my whole apartment had that vibe. Of course I couldn’t leave the shop without the one or two (or maybe three) pieces for my own little apartment in Zurich. And I’ve decided: I will need to renovate one of my rooms (my creative room) for sure. And with for sure, I mean for sure. I’ve been pushing it too long now and it bothers me. So that’s my personal side project for the next upcoming weeks.

I’ve taken quite a few pictures today at Jill & Co lifestyle (the shop) and thought I’d share a few with you. I’ll post more some other time and of course also share my findings with you in the near future. So stay posted on that! xo







Signals of Spring

Happy Wednesday! I seem I start every post with a happy day – maybe I should switch that up with a quick and easy hey? I am currently sitting in the Ritz Hotel in London, sipping on my diet coke and looking through my study material and searching through Instagram. It’s finally March, meaning Spring is just around the corner and better yet, Summer is coming – surely, but slowly! Especially on Instagram I notice all these pictures of flowers – especially tulips! I would not blame anyone though, I myself am a huge, huge lover of tulips and buy flowers weekly (if I am home). I love white tulips. As much as I love black in regards to clothes, I love everything at home in white and earthy tones. White seems so fresh, so clean, so pure. It brightens up the mood and everything is light around you. It’s the perfect contrast to myself wearing black most of the times!

London has been great – the past days have been busy with meetings from mornings till evenings and my inbox is exploding alongside. Joy – I’ll be cleaning that up in the upcoming days. Today has been less stressful and I was even able to see a close friend of mine over a lovely lunch. It’s so great to have friends all over the world. When business allows it, I can meet people in most cities I travel to.

This post is quite short and I only wanted to give you a heads up – I am alive and living life to the fullest (well, at least I am pretending to). :-) I need to pack quickly and then get back to the airport. I want to arrive a little early so I can buy my favorite Clinique creams (body lotions, face creams, eye creams – that sort of stuff) at the airport. It is so much cheaper in London compared to Zurich! I also treated myself today with a little shopping today before lunch (ok, a rather large treat for my definition!). You will find a hint on my Instagram – @laurananette. :-)

Wish you all a lovely continuing day – let’s cross fingers that Spring won’t let us wait all too long (it’s still quite chilly, at least in London and Zurich). xo


Amsterdam; Die Port van Cleve

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Hi everyone – wishing you all a great Saturday! My sister and I arrived in Amsterdam this morning and first went to check-in at our hotel. We got an amazing room, a suite even! I love it when you’re away from home but almost feeling home due to the great accommodation. It’s super clean – which is the first thing I look at – and the wifi works amazingly (always super important to me).

The most breathtaking part about the hotel is the view we have. There are windows everywhere but especially the large glass front in front of the bed is heavenly beautiful! It’s so calming to lie on the bed with such a spectacular view. I’m actually lying here right now writing this post – how cool is that?

We’ve been running around the city the whole day so far and just came back from Madame Tussauds – the wax figure attraction. It was so much fun and I’ll definitely show some of the hilarious pictures we took. We will probably continue to another museum soon, then dinner and tonight at 9 we want to go to the Ice Bar! I’m already exhausted haha, but I’ll keep going for now!

Here are some first impressions of the great hotel, called Die Port van Cleve. It’s also right in the city center and about a 7-10 min walk from the central station, making it really easy to get around and pop back in if we’re tired like now!

We’re here until Monday evening so I’ll definitely have a few more posts to share with you! Do any of you have must-see tips for me?