My love for Brinner

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Brinner – aka Breakfast for Dinner – might just be my next favourite meal! I absolutely love breakfast as you already might have noticed, but I could seriously have it for every meal: for breakfast, lunch and dinner again (ok, and maybe some sushi here and there). So Brinner, being a word I recently discovered online, is just about perfect for me. Almost tailor-made! Who said that you can’t have your favourite meal for dinner, too? I say you can – or surely I can.

Now my pride just went a little up last week when I finally, finally managed to make my first poached eggs. It’s no trick really, it’s absolutely simple but it always looked so sophisticated, so modern, so .. hard to make? Well, trust me it really isn’t and it’s surely something that happens to be on my plate every other day since then. In combination with some fresh spinach, this meal becomes a booster for healthy fats, proteins, Vitamin C and lots of Vitamin A – now I don’t know why I wouldn’t want to spoil my body with such a delish meal in the evening.

Now this little perfect meal was inspired by my bestie, whom started her own blog, bitesfortwo, and shares with us her recipes. She might not have everything gluten and diary free (she can eat anything – I might just be jealous!), but she has the perfect portions for two and offers some great inspiration if in need for a quick, nice meal at home.

The perfect poached egg needs only two ingredients

1) egg
2) 1 tablespoon vinegar

How to make poached egg

1) open the egg and place the inside in a cup (I prefer one that is just a little larger in diameter than the yolk)
2) fill a pot with water and add the vinegar to it – now raise up that temperature 
3) just before the water is boiling, it should be sizzling, stir the water well with a spoon until you see a whirl form in the middle of it
4) now quickly, yet gently let your egg into the middle of that whirl
5) keep it in the sizzling water for 3-4 minutes and then fish it out 
6) quickly let the egg dry on a sheet of paper or cloth
7) voila – now you can devote yourself to your Brinner (or any other meal, of course!) 

Personally, I am quite boring with the spinach. I love having it more or less “natural” and steamed – with no added herbs at all. The salt and pepper for the egg is usually enough and, as nasty as it sounds – I love breaking the egg to have the yolk glide over the spinach to mix it all up – so good!

Now all this made me really get in the mood for a nice brinner (ha, my new favorite word!) at home tonight – what do you think of breakfasts for dinner? With that, I wish you a great continuing day! xo


Smoked Salmon, Avocado-Egg and Salade

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Happy Wednesday! The time goes by so fast again – though especially this week it’s been super busy. I am running from meeting to meeting on a daily basis and tomorrow till Friday I’ll be in Geneva for meetings. I have meetings planned all day tomorrow, though a lovely dinner in the evening that I am quite looking forward to. I’ll then sleep over at my best friends place, whom I still haven’t visited there – shame! Now it’s last minute because she will be moving in with her boyfriend in March – so cute, so cool! Then Friday I will be exploring the city with a friend – really excited about that one as well. He knows Geneva much better than me, so will be able to show me around a bit. I would bet though that I will be getting stuck at some Café, if the weather continues to be snowy and cold. Some calm time after all these meetings is always a good idea, though I’m afraid my inbox will be packed everytime I check it.

Now, here’s another post to what I like calling: Eating in Style. My obsession with avocado and all one can do with it still has not ended. Tonight I made dinner for dad and myself: avocado-egg topped off with smoked salmon, salade and apple pieces as well as slices (for decoration purposes, of course). He is leaving again tomorrow evening, so I thought I would treat him with an extra “pretty” dinner – and myself!

The avocado-egg mixture is not a new recipe, and to be honest one of the most simple things to do. It takes absolutely no time whatsoever, yet is absolutely delicious – I have made it previously so you can find it here. Recently I have not only been obsessed with avocados but also with salades again. I ate salades almost daily in summer – I don’t know, but due to the weather it seemed to fit perfectly. With the start of autumn and therefore the cooler temperatures I felt as if I wanted warm dinners and switched over to soups and vegetables mostly (given that I have chicken or other meat almost for every lunch – big, big meat lover here!). Since the beginning of the year however, I have gotten the need for salade again. It might be because of the daily chicken and vegetables for lunch (during the week), so I enjoy something lighter and cooler in the evening. And there are so many variations one can make with salades!

I love having a little fruit with it – I always have the feeling it gives me the right amount of vitamins for a little boost towards the evening and for my body to use during the night. For these two plates I used one apple. I try including proteins every evening too: Here I added 2 eggs into the avocado-egg mixture and half an egg on the salade for both plates. On other nights I sometimes snack on a few almonds after dinner. And salmon – well, I love salmon in general and since I was super hungry after work I decided to treat us with a rather large dinner tonight. Top it off with some olive oil and vinegar et voila: Dinner is ready!

Now I’ll start packing my small suitcase for Geneva, might need to write one or two more emails for work, prepare my Chia-pudding for breakfast and then I’ll try getting an early nights sleep. I haven’t been sleeping all too well the past nights – thoughts kept me up a lot, however tomorrow I need to be in the car by 7am. Therefore I should probably awaken at around 6am – way too early for my taste! I hope you’re all having a great evening. xo







Sorry if the quality isn’t at it’s best: I did these all with my iPhone, because I was too hungry to wait and take “professional” photos. :-) 

My favorite Summer Salad

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There is probably no faster, healthier, prettier and better tasting summer salad out there to me, than my own. Sounds super egoistic, I know.  To be honest though, there really isn’t a dinner that is done faster for me, than this one. I take about 10 minutes to prepare it and have a super yummy dish infront of me – one that can be done at any size and really fills me up. This one is made up of about two handful of green salads, ¼ cucumber and 1 peach cut up into small pieces and a handful of blueberries. Last but not least, I add my beloved balsamic vinegar. I usually don’t add any oil to it, as I’m not the biggest fan of it – unless we are talking about white bread dipped in olive oil, sprinkled with salt. Or when talking about my favorite oil of all times: macadamia oil. If you have not tried this one, I really, really encourage you to do so. I only really tasted it a few weeks ago, when being invited to a dinner at a friends. He told me it was the best and oh my, – he really didn’t lie.

What do you guys think of the salad & fruit combination- do you have a favorite? I wish you all a great sunday!