Flying Mood 101

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Happy Monday my dearest of all! Enthusiastic much? Probably! I just arrived back at my hotel in London again after a not-so-fun flight from Zurich and a great dinner out at a steak restaurant (my favorite food, of course!). I don’t mind flying and thankfully have never been scared of it. This flight however, has been one of the bumpiest ones I’ve been on so far – and I do fly quite a bit. I knew it would be bumpy as the flight was delayed form the beginning on, due to windy weather conditions. What I did not expect was my stomach to feel off. So off – I literally felt clinched up. I honestly did not even know what to do about it – I am so not used to it. So I sipped on some orange juice as I had the feeling I needed to load myself with as many vitamins as possible.

I normally always sleep on short flights. Short flights only. Sadly, as much as I would love to sleep on those long flights, especially those going through the night, I am always wide awake. Short flies however make me tired as soon as I step into the plane. Not only my iPhone and iPad go on flight mode – nope, my body does too! It’s almost impossible to stay awake for me. I usually fall asleep before we are up in the air and only wake up upon hitting the ground – or even when all other passengers have already left the plane. This time round I had to write some texts for my studies and I needed to stay awake. I ordered two large coffees with my orange juice and started writing. Which by the way really isn’t that easy when the whole plane seems to jump rather than smoothly glide in the air.

Now, I do not want to continue rambling on and complaining! Instead,  I could go on forever why I also, absolutely love flying. I seem to calm down so much when up in the air. Suddenly all the connections are turned off – no more internet, no more phone calls that can reach you, no nothing. Instead, a peaceful silence surrounds me (with my headphones on) and I can drift away in my own thoughts. When starting off I try to watch the city become smaller beneath me. The houses look so tiny after such a short time, the cars become lego pieces and then look like tiny little ants flashing their lights to find their way through the darkness. Suddenly, I feel so small – so vulnerable. Is this just me? Similarly, I felt lost when arriving and going down to land over London. The landing (going down) took around 20 minutes after the pilot had told us we are going down slowly. 20 long minutes and flying to Zurich you usually see nothing but greens below you – or maybe a small village here and there. Landing in London becomes a movie itself – the city is so big that even from the birds perspective it made me feel tiny. I can’t stop myself: after every flight I suddenly notice I took about 20 different pictures (15 probably looking identical)! :-)

Nonetheless: I am really excited about London – hopefully I’ll find some free time on Wednesday to look around a bit and enjoy the hectic and chaotic, yet inspiring mentality of the city. Tomorrow is definitely a full day – my schedule is overflowing and my inbox is about to explode. And now it’s almost midnight – yet alone it is an hour later in Zurich so I have really gone a little overboard with staying up late. My alarm clock will be killing me in the morning – I see it coming! Until then though, I wish you all a great night and a lovely Tuesday! xo

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Säntis 3.0: Exploring the mountains

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It’s Friday – whoot! I am currently still in Geneva and enjoying every moment of it – I will tell you all about it when I am back! I found some more photos from my trip to the Säntis moutain I had told you about a few posts ago. I still cannot get over the beauty of nature when looking at these photos and I really want to go back up to the mountains again. Let’s see what is planned for this weekend!

To my surprise we saw quite a few birds up there! They glide so beautifully through the thin air it almost seemed as if they were in slow-motion. Yet, when they got close to the edge of the view-platform, they would fall down in a steep, steep angle, were it almost looked as if they had suddenly gotten a heart attack! It did scare me the first time actually, as one of these birds came right by me – not even a meter away! We figured that they would do their special jump dives everytime a visitor came outside onto the platform, probably in the hope they would receive some food. There is a restaurant up there so it makes sense that they think they would get something. What I did not understand however, was why they were up there, 2000(+)m above sea level, in an arctic freezing enviorment, when they could be further down at every other restaurant or house near-by. Yes- too much talking about birds now!

I can’t wait to tell you all about Geneva and hopefully I’ll remember to take a photo or two whilst I am here. Enjoy the rest of your Friday! xo









Amsterdam; Die Port van Cleve

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Hi everyone – wishing you all a great Saturday! My sister and I arrived in Amsterdam this morning and first went to check-in at our hotel. We got an amazing room, a suite even! I love it when you’re away from home but almost feeling home due to the great accommodation. It’s super clean – which is the first thing I look at – and the wifi works amazingly (always super important to me).

The most breathtaking part about the hotel is the view we have. There are windows everywhere but especially the large glass front in front of the bed is heavenly beautiful! It’s so calming to lie on the bed with such a spectacular view. I’m actually lying here right now writing this post – how cool is that?

We’ve been running around the city the whole day so far and just came back from Madame Tussauds – the wax figure attraction. It was so much fun and I’ll definitely show some of the hilarious pictures we took. We will probably continue to another museum soon, then dinner and tonight at 9 we want to go to the Ice Bar! I’m already exhausted haha, but I’ll keep going for now!

Here are some first impressions of the great hotel, called Die Port van Cleve. It’s also right in the city center and about a 7-10 min walk from the central station, making it really easy to get around and pop back in if we’re tired like now!

We’re here until Monday evening so I’ll definitely have a few more posts to share with you! Do any of you have must-see tips for me?


















when sisters grow up: Happy 18th Birthday

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Happy Birthday to my little sister who isn’t all that little anymore! In fact, she’s actually a head taller than me since forever it seems haha. But seriously, she’s 18 and I cannot get over it! Where have the last 10 years gone? The weekend has been amazing so far – no time for anything really haha – but the whole family came together to celebrate. I flew to Düsseldorf Friday at noon and took a day off of work tomorrow/Monday, meaning I’ll fly back tomorrow night. Today we had the whole family over at our place, from morning till evening. Mom and I cooked and baked all of yesterday so that we wouldn’t have the stress today. In between all the eating talking and fooling around, my sister opened all the presents – so much cool stuff. I’m especially feeling her new Michael Kors bag – black and gold!

I gave her a trip to Amsterdam for 2 nights in December. I booked a great hotel (or so it looks) for us and cannot wait to spend the weekend there with her. We’ll be traveling right before Christmas, so I mighy have to squeeze Christmas shopping in with it. I haven’t been to Amsterdam myself yet so I’m quite excited. We’ll have to do everything from touristy sight seeing, over shopping to going out – typical Amsterdam style of course! Hopefully with tons of photos!

Other than that I in general love seeing the whole family. Since I don’t live close by I don’t see them all too often. The happier I am when I do! Ohhhh, and I bought SUCH a cool new piece for those snowy days. Can’t wait to share it with you soon – hint: it’s vintage!