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Apple-Pumpkin Jam Recipe

Posted on 3min read

Happy Friday loves! I’m quite glad that Friday has arrived – the weeks keep getting busier towards Christmas. Last weekend I’ve been busy cooking up some recipes again in my kitchen – it surely never gets dusty in that area of the apartment.Β Since I’ve been a little kid I’ve always…


Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a jolly, merry Christmas! We are slowly starting the family traditions, the table is ready and the food is cooking. ‘Santa’ should be coming in the next few hours and I am seriously super excited! I will be back posting tomorrow. Lot’s of love! xoΒ 


Christmas Decorations

It’s getting all Christmasy here at home – it’s so exciting! We are celebrating today, December 24, and the whole family will be coming in a couple of hours. We are now off to my grandparents soon to have coffee and cake and then afterwards will come back here. I…