Mini Morning Apple Pancakes

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Mini Morning Apple Pancakes, Mini Morning Apple Pancakes, Mini Morning Apple Pancakes… Now, try reading that out loud three or more times, I swear it’s a tongue-twister to me – I’ve tried it and failed over and over again! What surely didn’t fail are the pancakes themselves, which I recently made on my favourite lazy Sunday mornings. Seriously, how amazing is it to sleep-in and get a heart-warming, delicious breakfast? It’s probably my favourite routine every weekend. With it being autumn, there are kilos and kilos of apples everywhere to buy for a nickle and a dime. I love it. Completely love it. There are about a million receipes to try out this season, and, quite frankly, it’s my favourite of the year (or do I say that about every season?).

I remember loving pancakes already as a kid. My mom would make them at least once a month, if not twice, for dinner. We would have the healthy pancakes first, filled with seasonal vegetables and sometimes meat, and were allowed to have one dessert pancake with cinnamon & sugar or nutella afterwards. I would always try to eat as many dessert-pancakes as possible, suddenly being super hungry again. Which reminds me, I should do that sometime soon again and share a recipe with you. What do you think?

This recipe makes around 8 mini-pancakes, so it is the perfect portion for two. Unless, of course, you are super hungry and want all for yourself. Naturally, you can also eat them when they cooled down some later hour and not share any. And, with it being no surprise, they are of course free of gluten and lactose.

What you need

2 eggs
200g glutenfree flour
50ml water
200ml milk
100g sugar (50g sugar and 1 tbs agave syrup also works)
1 pack vanilla-sugar
1 apple
coconut oil / or any oil of choice
powdered sugar (for decoration purposes if wanted)

What to do

1) separate the eggs and beat the egg whites until frothy (almost stiff)
2) add all other ingredients (excluding the egg yolk) into a bowl and mix it well
3) gently mix the beat egg whites under the mixture
4) cut the apple into slices
5) heat some coconut oil in a (small) pan and fill it with your pancake-mixture
6) prior to flipping the pancake, add a few slices of apple on top
7) flip the pancake and let it sit for another minute or two

Voila, now you can

1) serve it for you and your loved onces / or just yourself (no need to be ashamed!)
2) store them in the fridge for later
3) sprinkle them with powdered sugar (always looks great!) and serve them with some homemade jam – I had them with my apple-pumkin jam :-)
4) pack them in a lunch-bag for the kids to take to school – what a great snack!

As always – I hope you enjoy the recipe and of coures, I would be more than happy to see your creations and versions of it!



Chocolate over Chocolate

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Chocolate over chocolate over chocolate – can you believe it? I never used to be a huge chocolate fan, mostly because my stomach didn’t take it all too well. Then I discovered lactose free chocolate and almond milk: my whole world has changed. I absolutely love chocolate now – I still don’t indulge in it daily, though love treating myself from time to time. Speaking of treating, I decided to treat my family last week when my mother and sister came over to visit my dad and I.

If you love chocolate, be warned, you will love this cake. It’s insanely good (yes, padding myself on the shoulder right here), yet it is also extremely heavy. Like, real heavy. As much as I love chocolate, and so does my family, a small piece is more than enough of this little calorie filler. Yep, so much for being healthy – this recipe is far from it. However, it’s important to indulge from time to time and just enjoy the moment.


Here is what you need for the cake

2 cups & ⅓ cup glutenfree flour
1 ⅓ cups brown sugar (or more if needed; though I found it sweet enough)
2 teaspoons glutenfree baking powder
2 cups almond milk
1 ⅓ cup applesauce (unsweetened)
⅔ cups coconut oil (make sure it is soft)
2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract (or 4-5 drops of pure vanilla)
1 cup raw cocoa powder
a hint of salt

How to make the dough

1) Pre-heat the oven to around 180°C (about 350°F)
2) Mix all the ingredients together in a large bowl until you have a lovely chocolate dough (do try – it’s delicious!)
3) line your baking dish with coconut oil if you are not using a silicon form
4) place about one half of the dough into the form and put it into the oven
5) depending on the size of the form (I used a small one with a diameter of about 18 cm) the cake will take up to 50min in the oven
Larger forms (speaking of 26cm and the similar) will take about half the time, so make sure to stick a toothpick into the middle after 20 minutes to get a feeling for the cake. It will be done, once no more dough sticks to the toothpick.
6) Once the cake is finished, put it on a tray to let it cool off
7) repeat steps 3-6 with the other half of the dough
8) once both cakes are cooled off, make sure to cut off the top, to achieve a straight cake-top (to easily stack them later)


What you need for the frosting

2 ½ -3 cups powdered sugar (told you its a calorie filler!)
⅔ cups raw cacao powder (unsweetened again)
1 cup lactose free butter (pre-softened)
¼ cup lactose free chocolate
¼ cup almond milk
2 drops vanilla extract

How to make the frosting

1) melt the chocolate and let it cool off for a few minutes (it can be warm, though should not be hot)
2) add all ingredients into a large bowl and mix them thoroughly until you have the perfect frosting texture. I would start with 2 ½ instead of 3 cups powdered sugar
3) should your frosting be too stiff, add a little more almond milk
4) should your frosting be too soft, add more powdered sugar until you have the perfect frosting


Building the cake

1) Place the first cake piece onto your dessert plate (or wherever you want to display your cake later)
2) add about 2-3cm of frosting on top of it, making sure it is more or less well spread
3) now add the second cake on top of the first one with frosting – see how it builds up? :)
4) use the rest of the frosting to fully wrap the cake
5) if you have left-over frosting, you can always add a bit more to the top, to sculpt the cake a little more

Voila – the cake is ready! You can either serve it immediately or place it into the fridge for a couple of hours. If you leave it in the cake, the frosting will stiffen quite a bit, which is why I personally prefer it outside for the frosting to have the fresh, yet soft texture.

We didn’t manage to even eat half of the cake, as I had said, it’s a real chocolate bomb. Instead, my boss was lucky enough to receive almost a half of the cake for himself and his family. So unless you are really, really hungry and can eat super much chocolate, I advise baking for family, friends or loved ones. I’m sure they will love you for it!

Good luck with the recipe, enjoy the cake and have a wonderful Thursday! xo





Overnight Chia Oats (GF, DF)

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It’s finally April – already! Have you fooled anyone? I used to do that when I was younger all the time, but I’m lacking the creativity to fool anyone nowadays – or maybe I’m just too nice for it! My day has been quite calm after yesterday’s surgery on my right wrist. It sucks – I am right handed and suddenly I feel so handicapped, well, I am actually! I’m wearing a huge blue cast for the next 2 weeks and then my physiotherapy starts. I saw my surgeon/doc today, who wanted to do a first check after yesterday but everything seemed fine (other than the normal swelling). Other than that I really haven’t done much. I finished an assignment for uni, but it took forever when only being able to write with one hand. I am hoping for a little less pain in the upcoming days so that I can at least type normal again! However, here’s to my actual post: Overnight Chia Oats! I am a huge breakfast lover as you all have noticed by now; a foodie in general. Since everything in my kitchen is made gluten free (GF) and dairy-free (DF), I have amended the normal overnight oats for me to be able to eat them. I love it so, so much – and have it regularly for breakfast at the moment! Especially with fresh fruit, such as strawberries and raspberries – there is nothing better. It is super quick to do and since it is done the night before, you have breakfast ready within seconds upon waking up.

Here is what you need:

– ½ cup buckwheat flakes (or any other GF oats)
– ¾ cup almond milk (or any other DF milk)
– 1 tbs chia seeds
– fresh fruit (or any other topping of choice)

Here is how you do it:

– Mix the buckwheat flakes and chia seeds in a mason jar (or similar glass)
– add the milk and mix once more

– add the fruit of your choice (or add them in the morning) and place the jar into the fridge
(make sure the oats get an overnights sleep of at least 6 hours!)
– enjoy upon awakening :-) 

I find this quick and easy fix breakfast amazing for the summer, as I prefer warm oats or porridge in winter. With more fruit being available in summer (at least here in Zurich), many more variations of this delicious breakfast will be made for sure. Since I’m always on the lookout for more inspiration, do tag your version of it with #OvernightChiaOats on Instagram and I’ll make sure to check it out! Till then, I wish you a great continuing week. xo







My Sweetest Sin: Macarons

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Macarons are sweet meringue-based confections made with lots of love, egg white, sugar, sugar, sugar, powdered sugar, almond powder, food coloring and are most likely my biggest sin after dark chocolate with salt. I am not much into sweets on a normal basis, though when it comes to these little lovers I can never say no. It’s simply impossbile. I’ve tried making these myself and looked at recipes on the internet, on youtube and even received a book from my mother to try making my favorite dessert myself. I failed when it comes to the presentations of these macarons. They did taste quite amazing already (if I may say so), but did not look as presentable as my favorites from either Sprüngli or Ladurée.

Although I basically love every flavor they have, my favorites from Ladurée are surely licorice (huge, huge fan right here!), rose water and the beautifully turquoise colored (pepper-)mint ones. I treat myself to one of these every Thursday lunch – which is why Thursday’s are always good days. Not only does Friday follow, which is basically already weekend, but I get to treat myself to one of my favorite desserts. Which are your favorites?