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Meatballs filled with Avocado

Posted on 3min read

March 9 – this coming Wednesday is officially the (US) national meatball day! What better way then to celebrate this day with a new recipes for meatballs? I’ve thought about going vegan once or twice, quite frankly, I was a vegetarian for almost 4 years of my life (note, that I simply did…


Chocolate over Chocolate

  Chocolate over chocolate over chocolate – can you believe it? I never used to be a huge chocolate fan, mostly because my stomach didn’t take it all too well. Then I discovered lactose free chocolate and almond milk: my whole world has changed. I absolutely love chocolate now –…


Chipotle Summer Salad

Posted on 2min read

Chipotle! Oh, it’s when I hear that word I already start drewling and simultaneously digging up my memories from San Diego & LA from three years ago. Time passes way too quickly – really in the mood for flying over to LA again, to explore some more of that city…