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Posted on 2min read

I am soo sorry I’ve been gone so long. Did I ever tell you I’m more than busy right now? I’ve probably said this all too often already. I do admit to having taken a bit time off, of everything, too. Especially last weekend. My bf took me to Verbier,…


2’501,9m over the sea

Posted on 3min read

Good morning! It’s been so long – but I’m still alive! Last week has been so busy, you know when you suddenly get swamped with work? Yep, that was me last week, swimming in little circles. But it was crazy good, I’d rather be busy full-on than bored with nothing…


My Christmas 2014

Happy Sunday everyone! How’s your Christmas been? I had a fabulous time with the family – my aunt, her husband, the kids, my grandparents, parents, sister and of course my baby (dog haha). It’s amazing to see the light in the eyes of the children, when suddenly ‘Santa’ came and…