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Can I say good-wuff-evening or is that all too much right now? I’ll be honest, I am a full on snapchat fan. I love it. It entertains me. I get to watch blogger updates (almost) live. I get to send stupid snapshots to my friends and receive the most awkward snaps back. Obviously, and by no surprise, you can see that one of my favorite filters is the dog one. Why? I don’t quite know it myself – it might be the love for dogs I have. Either way, I’ve noticed the #basicbitch trend going around. What it means? Simple, it’s all those using the dog filter on snapchat, wearing caps, “werk”ing “werk”ing “werk”ing (hinting to Rihanna) and putting their hair up in braids (hinting to the Kardashians). Basically, I am missing the cap and the braids – that is to say, I should really get my hair done and find a cap to fulfill the cliché. No but seriously, when, why and how did I miss this cute filter turn into such a vibe? Anywhoo – if there is one thing I don’t support its those not supporting. Meaning; there is no way I will give up my snapchat dog filter anytime soon! It’s too cute.

Different story, same subject: Those of you that are following me on snappychatty (@stylephantom) these days, have noticed that I am currently in Luxembourg. I am here since Wednesay and staying until tomorrow afternoon – for business, of course. I haven’t been able to take much photos here nor did I have enormous amounts of freetime to blog in the past times – yet, I’ve been rather active on Snapchat these days when I had a minute or two running from meeting A to B and have been sharing some Lux-impressions with you. Go check it out! Still being stuck on this subject, what’s your favorite filter and which one is an absolute “no-go”? xo


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Another day of meetings has passed, the electricity shut down on us today for almost an hour in the city of Zurich, the internet was dead for hours afterwards at the office, I handed in my assignment and it’s almost time to go to bed – finally! I remembered that I wanted to share a few more photos from NYC when I went back in March – and still have not done so. In looking through the photos I really miss it – it was such an amazing trip (yes, business mostly – but I had the chance to get a little of that ‘NYC lifestyle feeling’ on the weekend). Will I go again? For sure! Yet, I have not planned anything and am slightly doubting I’ll find the time this year. It’s only the end of April, I know, but I have been booking fights for every month up until November this year. It’s usually small trips, several short weekend trips, some business trips, and I will be booking a combined business-vacation trip for October soon, too. I am so excited it’s beyond words – and of course, I have to use this chance to tease you a little! Once it’s all booked and final (hopefully by the end of next month), I’ll make sure to update you though.

Now I quickly need to pack my stuff for the upcoming days: Düsseldorf and Norden (city up in the north of Germany). I’ll be flying tomorrow after work, meet the family, enjoying a girls-day with my mom and sister on Friday, and then we (including dad) will drive up to Norden on Saturday morning to meet the rest of the gang (aka the family). My grandma is turning 70, so almost the whole family is getting together, joined by some of her friends and neighbors and we will be going out for dinner and ‘partying’ afterwards. I haven’t seen them (all bundled up together) in quite a while, so I am surely looking forward to seeing them! Especially my little cousin, whom turned yesterday 3 (already!!). She is the most adorable kid and so incredibly mature for her age (she acts like she’s 6, at least!). With that, I should jump of social media, pack my stuff and jump straight into bed. xo

ps. make sure to add me on snapchat if you want to see more of my daily life (ranging from exquisite to double-chin-like selfies, daily impressions and of course little take-outs of my activities – and travels coming up)! @stylephantom





Black x White

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Hey everyone! I literally just came into the door from work and am so ready to lie on my couch and do absolutely: nothing. The day was great, in fact, I had an amazing lunch meeting and therefore super scrumptious food. I love meetings over lunch, just for the lunch sometimes haha! You might have already seen the starter on Instragram, which I was able to post slightly after the meeting. We’ve been to Au Premier (restaurant at the main train station in Zurich) quite a few times now. It’s not too loud, close to our office and convenient if clients need to hop onto a train right after lunch – so no need to stress! The food has never let me down so far: it’s alwasy super pretty done and tastes better than expected when reading it from the card.

Oh, and here’s a little collage of today’s outfit I’ve been wearing to the office. I try to look casual chic, though don’t necessarily wear a blazer all the time. Actually, that might have been smart today – I’ve been super cold the whole day! I will now prepare something small for me to eat for dinner and then literally, like I said, do nothing – I cannot wait! Wishing you all a great evening and keep on smiling!



1) shirt – H&M

2) Pants – Hudson Jeans

3) Bag – Patrizia Pepe

4) Shoes – Nelly