World Cuddle Day

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Happy Cuddle Day! Yep, this is an official day in the year and one I really do appreciate – so here goes an online cuddle to all of you! I am officially back at the office today and I swear I have never been happier to work. Having been stuck at home for the past two weeks, not being allowed to do any fun activities, really killed me. Procrastination had hit a new level and in the end I did nothing but count the hours a day had left only to go back to bed. Finally that time is over – yet, I wouldn’t be surprised if I start complaining about not having enough free-time soon again. I still need to keep low on most activities, cannot go out, surely cannot do any sports for another two weeks and am still a little restricted in regards to eating and drinking (no alcohol, no super warm, spicy or acidic dishes, etc). Thankfully, one can only get the tonsils out once in a lifetime – so never again for me!

My work days will start off busy again. I have three meetings scheduled for today, will meet a friend over coffee after dinner and have lunch meetings coming up tomorrow and Monday as well. Next week I’ll be a two-day conference here in Zurich, will have business dinners at least twice and general meetings – though that is exactly why I love my job. I am still trying to figure out my year in terms of travel plans, though hopefully I will know more at the end of next week. Once that is settled, I can plan my personal vacation time as well. Now though, before I start rambling on about nonsense, I wish you all a wonderful World Cuddle Day – there’s no better excuse to cuddle a loved one just once more today. xo

ps. I’ll show you better pictures of this amazing new knit sweater soon!



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Good morning loves! It’s saturday and finally weekend – the perfect day to sleep in and start that spa routine. Sadly, I fell out of bed again at 8 straight. Seeing the positive side, I’ve been pretty productive already, starting my paper for my studies and reading myself further into the subject. My lazy days are usually Sundays, which will be same this weekend. Today is packed with a meeting at noon and over lunch (exciting news to share soon, hopefully!), finishing up my project, working on some photography, and maybe going out tonight. Though honestly, I don’t mind a quiet weekend this time, so I might stay in tonight with a hot cup of tea and further working on some of my personal projects. I started a to-do list for those projects yesterday and let me tell you – it keeps growing by the hour. I have so many things planned for the future and it really takes some time-management skills to get personal, private projects, studies, full-time job and friends & family under one umbrella. But hey, keeping up the positive mood is the first step to everything. With that, I wish you a great start into the weekend – remember to smile. xo

Black x White

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Happy Friday! It’s weekend, already. Well, almost, I’ll be writing a few more emails but should be done in about an hour. Looking forward to throw my feet on the couch haha. The week has been uber busy, and I’m sorry for posting at all in the past days. Today I was in Liechtenstein the whole day for meetings: it was great though, exhausting but successful I would say.

Tonight I’m probably watching the Voice and might go out for a few drinks with friends. The weekend is completely unplanned- I have nothing to do. These weekends normally end up in spontaneous meet-ups and are much busier than expected haha. Will see! I definitely need to buy some more Christmas presents for the family- I promised myself that I won’t go Christmas shopping before the actual big day this year! Any ideas what to buy for dads? It’s so unbelievably hard this year!

Black x White

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Hey everyone! I literally just came into the door from work and am so ready to lie on my couch and do absolutely: nothing. The day was great, in fact, I had an amazing lunch meeting and therefore super scrumptious food. I love meetings over lunch, just for the lunch sometimes haha! You might have already seen the starter on Instragram, which I was able to post slightly after the meeting. We’ve been to Au Premier (restaurant at the main train station in Zurich) quite a few times now. It’s not too loud, close to our office and convenient if clients need to hop onto a train right after lunch – so no need to stress! The food has never let me down so far: it’s alwasy super pretty done and tastes better than expected when reading it from the card.

Oh, and here’s a little collage of today’s outfit I’ve been wearing to the office. I try to look casual chic, though don’t necessarily wear a blazer all the time. Actually, that might have been smart today – I’ve been super cold the whole day! I will now prepare something small for me to eat for dinner and then literally, like I said, do nothing – I cannot wait! Wishing you all a great evening and keep on smiling!



1) shirt – H&M

2) Pants – Hudson Jeans

3) Bag – Patrizia Pepe

4) Shoes – Nelly



FRENDS to keep

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I’ve told you previoulsy that music is one of those things that I cannot live without. Obviously, the right pair of headphones shouldn’t be missing. Recently I ordered myself these new beauties from FRENDS. I keep on repeating myself, I know, but again: I love gold. And leather. With these headphones I’ve found the perfect combination of both. I decided on white to make it a little friendlier around the head – yes, not all I own is black. I love the details of the headphones, the small gold buttons for volume and picking up the phone, the perfectly soft white leather and of course, the sound. I’ve been wearing these all the time recently.

I’ve been looking for the right headphones to buy for quite the while. When out and about in the streets I normally have my headset on, hidden under my hair, so that I can take calls when on the go. It surely is practical, because I can listen to music on one side and still hear the traffic and people around me on the other ear. I also love my headset for not having one of those long cables that you keep getting caught up in – or atleast I do, ever so often. But sometimes it’s just not enough. Sometimes I need the beat and bass on both sides of my head, need to just zoom out, de-focus and lay my head back. That is what I wanted headphones for. There are so many great headphones out there, really. I wanted a pair that (obviously) plays the music well, does not ruin or over-play the bass and, quite obviously, look somewhat stylish. Yes, there are tons of great quality headphones out there that might be better than my FRENDS headphones. However, I do try staying within a certain price-span and to be fully hoenst – I just could not resist the gold. To me, this sure is a catch to keep.

I initially bought these for travels, and most likely, that is when they will be used. But I also noticed them to be super practical when wanting to blast the music as loud as possible, without having to wake the neighbors. One song (still) being played on repeat via these lovely FRENDS is”Never Let Go” by Anthony Hamilton. I just do not get sick of this song!




IMG_4600 - Arbeitskopie 2