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My Christmas 2014

Happy Sunday everyone! How’s your Christmas been? I had a fabulous time with the family – my aunt, her husband, the kids, my grandparents, parents, sister and of course my baby (dog haha). It’s amazing to see the light in the eyes of the children, when suddenly ‘Santa’ came and…


Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a jolly, merry Christmas! We are slowly starting the family traditions, the table is ready and the food is cooking. ‘Santa’ should be coming in the next few hours and I am seriously super excited! I will be back posting tomorrow. Lot’s of love! xoΒ 


Christmas Decorations

It’s getting all Christmasy here at home – it’s so exciting! We are celebrating today, December 24, and the whole family will be coming in a couple of hours. We are now off to my grandparents soon to have coffee and cake and then afterwards will come back here. I…