& So I started Again

TGIF. That is exactly what I was thinking last week, as well – right before I jumped on a plane to Hamburg. The trip was too short – as always – though I loved seeing everyone. After I came back quite late on Monday, Tuesday started early again at the office. Though it was a short week for me with only 4 days, it felt like forever.

As you might remember, I told you last week about me getting back into painting. I love it – it calms me down to mix the colors and then melt them together on the canvas without really knowing where it will take me or what the final product will look like. I got inspired by a digital drawing by @mersedova (instagram), and decided I want a Baywatch-like woman in my house, too. I think there is something incredible about the picture she drew – it’s both sexy and showcasing an empowering, self-loving and independent woman. Exactly what I like! So here is my final version of it – fully painted with palette-knifes and thick acrylic paints. I don’t use brushes and try to stay away from details as much as possible. Also, this is the first time I “painted” a face. I usually leave the face blank because 1) I am no good at them and 2) faces often define emotions. I want my viewers to be able to place their own emotion and feelings into a painting without being pre-stimulated by a facial expression. Nevertheless, this woman surely needed one – otherwise it would have been “incomplete” – or so I feel. What do you think of the painting? I’d love to hear opinions!

And now – off to jumping into the weekend (and studying, again…) xo



DIY Easter Egg Decoration

Good morning lovies! It is Monday and quite frankly I am really happy about that – yep, I am happy to go to work this early morning. As much as I love vacation, I really do enjoy my job and I am looking forward to seeing my colleagues again and writing all my emails. Am I sick? Haha, most likely! But really, what is it with people hating Mondays so much? I do agree that the weekends are almost always too short, and I really am not a morning person (ie. complain daily that I would need to sleep in some more), but I still enjoy what I do for a living and I believe that truly is the most important thing. I couldn’t imagine waking up to a job that I have to spend my whole day at, one that I spend more time at then seeing my loved ones and then not liking what I do. That is my worst nightmare in regards to working!

Anyway, now that the family arrived yesterday and we will be spending Easter together at my place, I really had to step up my game in regards to easter decorations. I’ve been blowing out eggs (sounds so wrong?!) the past weeks and days every time I made myself an omelette or something similar to have enough eggs at the end to decorate. Speaking of eggs – does anyone know why it is even eggs we hide, we color and we see everywhere? As far as I am concerned the bunny surely doesn’t lay them. Ok, this bothers me now – I will need to google that later today!

So for my easter egg decorations I decided to go all white, modern and copper this year. I have white porcelain bunnies all over the apartment – you probably now think I am a freak. And I stand to it, I absolutely do – I love my bunnies haha. :-) My mom actually brought me two more so now I really do have enough in the living room. I might just bring those two into my bedroom for some easter feeling in there.

I decided on spraying my easter eggs in  a copper, metallic look this year. Why? Simple! For one thing, I am not the greatest fan of the ‘traditional’ multi-colored eggs. As much as I love colors, I like things clean and not all too colorful in my apartment. Second, I love copper. I love everything that shines really and especially metal colors such as gold, silver and copper. I already broke one egg yesterday when one of the strings detached and fell down, but thankfully all others were fine. If the others don’t break I might actually keep these for next year – store them in one of those egg containers. :-) Anyone else so excited for easter? I still need to fully decide on recipes now but I have picked out some already for the upcoming days.

Now I need to sprint to work – I’ve got quite the catching up to do now that I’ve been on vacation one whole week. I will only have today really, as tomorrow I’ve got the surgery during the day and will be less active in regards to typing in the upcoming days. Ugh, I am really not looking forward to this – crossing fingers that everything works out! I’ll surely keep you updated, though I might only write a line or two in the upcoming days! Till then – smile, enjoy your Monday and kick-start the week like no other! xo





Traditions, Mondays & Mud

Happy Monday Morning it is! I hope you all had brilliant weekend – mine has been fantastic. It was just the right balance between seeing friends, going out for a few drinks and majorly relaxing yesterday. My saturday started with a perfect breakfast at home (you know I love eating haha) and then continued for coffee and some chatting at my friends place. Back home I got groceries and did all the “usual” saturday things (cleaning, etc). I also decided to finally paint one of my walls in the living room. I have wanted to do it since ages though never really found a color I liked. Back in Germany, about 2 weeks ago, I finally found the color I love. I like calling it a light “mud” color, as I wouldn’t know any other name for it. So after taping all the corners and the door frame, painting the sides all carefully and then finally getting the whole wall done – I now found slight stripes that I can see from one corner in the room. How annoying is that? I almost died this morning when I saw it, these things drive me insane.

I wanted to show you a picture of the whole wall with the furniture but since I don’t quite like the “imperfections”, it will have to wait until next weekend. My dad said he can fix it – thank god I have him! The color itself though is amazing – just like I had wanted it to look like. Depending on the light that shines into the room (or doesn’t) the color seems to slightly look differently. I swear I found five different tones already haha. If anyone is interested, I am happy to share the details of what color it is and where to buy it! Oh, and aren’t those tulips so lovely? They are probably one of my favorites, after peonies, and I especially love the white and pink ones.

And: Merry late Christmas to me! Am I even allowed to still use that as an excuse for buying myself this adorable, pretty little thing? Probably not haha. I’ve wanted this LV Agenda (size PM) for numerous years now. I’ve asked for it and then always said I’d get it myself afterwards. It took me almost 3 years now to finally just go into the store and spend the money on it. I love it – as much as I had wanted it, I am so happy I did. I love writing things down by hand in general (am more of the traditional one), and it’s just perfect for writing down private meet-ups and to-dos that are on my list. I normally have everything digitalized on my iPhone as well, especially all the work meetings. But I missed writing things down by hand like I used to in school or at uni. The best part: I got it personalized, love it! I wasn’t sure of what color to get – whether to choose the traditional gold initials or not. I decided on letting out the girly part of me and went for the new pink they have in their color scheme. I have filled in all the birthdays already and love using it on a daily basis for my own to-do list.

Before writing this post I just had breakfast (duh, haha) and was actually thinking of starting to write letters again. It has become so unusual for our generation to write letters and postcards to one another and it’s almost sad I find. Technology is great – no doubt. I wouldn’t be able to blog, I wouldn’t be able to “stalk” other blogs, get creativity in such a short amount of time, be in the contact I am with my friends – life would not be as we know it without the internet and technology. But aren’t you happy to receive hand-written letters and cards? I always get really excited when I receive a postcard from one of my friends or when I get all the cards for my birthdays. Other than that, I barely receive anything in my postbox other than bills – sadly, haha. These little surprises are amazing though and I’ve decided to start writing more by hand again. I’ve got myself covered on nice letter paper but my old fountain pen has sadly kicked the bucket. I believe I just found my new investment! What are your thoughts on the traditional hand-writing and all the such?

Now I’m quickly off to work – have a great monday! xo