Malta x Moving

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Good morning! I am awake since 4.45am this morning and we are waiting for the truck. Of course, one disaster follows another. The truck wasn’t allowed out of the harbor because they made a mistake at the border control office. Fast forward 2 hours, I am now sitting here in a still empty apartment, but – with good news. I just got a call from my dad (whom went to the harbor at 5), that they are now allowed to continue. The truck should be arriving in 20-30 minutes from now and then we will start unloading. Unpacking is the theme for the next couple of days.

I thought I’d use this little mini-break though to update you and, provide you with some iPhone photos I was able to make last night. Since arriving here, we have been running errands constantly and in between I have been working on my laptop (business and studies – so much for vacation..). Now I am crossing fingers that everything goes well and that I can then enjoy the weather a little bit on the weekend. I brought so many nice, new bathing suits! It would be a shame to not use them. And of course, I want to use these few days to tan a little if possible.

The photos are from lasts nights dinner (horrific quality, I know), when we went to Surfside (a Restaurant here in Malta, right at the water). It has an absolutely breathtaking view and the food was amazing. At least, I can surely say that about my fresh salmon – and I can only recommend the place to anyone visiting Malta. The Restaurant has 3 floors to it, with a Shisha bar at the beach, a more lounge/bar area for enjoying just drinks and some great music (and from time to time supposedly big parties).

Now I need to jump – the truck is about to arrive! xo







Heavy Knit

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Happy Monday and first of February loves! A new week has started and I just finished my second workout after my tonsil surgery. I started again on Saturday and honestly – I am dying. In so much pain. Ugh. Though as they always say, there’s no gain without pain – so I just hope that the pain doesn’t last too long. Last week was superbly busy with meetings, lunches and dinners. The weekend wasn’t all too calm until yesteray either, as I had another lunch and then dinner with friends and drinks afterwards. Luckily the upcoming week should be calmer. I only have a few meetings so that will be nice and means that I come a little more casual to the office on my easier days. These days paired with the current winter weather are the perfect excuse for my new knit pullover. It’s quite heavy, but I absolutely adore the heavy knit – and hey, it keeps me warm at all times. Because it’s quite fluffy I prefer wearing it with skinny jeans and heels, though knee high boots also work quite well. This pullover is acutally from Zara and – don’t be jealous – only cost me about $10 in sale. How amazing is that? I knew I had to have it immediately.

I am also listening to the new Rihanna album Ani on repeat. Like seriously all the time. Anti came out amazing – and I think the wait was well worth it. Every song has the ability to change my mood and each one can be idenfied with another mood. What are your thoughts on the new album? Xo


Burgers & Hip Hop Zurich Edition #1

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Now, anyone out there doesn’t like a good burger or good music? How about the combination of both? You heard it – Burgers meet Hip Hop in Zurich this upcoming Saturday on June 20, 2015! Honestly, I’m loving the idea of some good music and something to fill my stomach in between. Isn’t it usually the case when you go out and party that you suddenly crave some food, or is that just me? And let’s be honest, I barely ever crave a healthy leaf bowl of salad, but instead, want something slightly greasy, something that satisfies all tastes at once and keeps me full for the rest of the night.

With that, Burgers & Hip Hop is perfect for it. This concept isn’t all too new as I had earlier thought – in fact, this party takes place every 7-8 weeks in Berlin now since more or less a whole year now. Who knew? Not only that, but it seems to be THE party. Looks like I missed out in the past! However, I shall be going this Saturday and wanted to share the event with you – will I see any of you there? :-)

Here is a PDF with all the information about the event – BHH_ZH_PRESS! However, since the PDF is in German, here are the main facts in English:

Date: June 20, 2015
Starting time: 2pm 
Entry: 5 CHF after 2pm (without entry) and 20 CHF for the afterparty (after 10pm). 

FB Event:
Exil Event:

The DJ Line Up is found on the PDF as well as the facebook page.

Really hoping to meeting some of you there! xo

Julia Luka Lila Nitzschke-140



PS. these photos have been provided by the event host.


Spot that Brow

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May I introduce myself? I am such a fan of Rihanna – be it her style, her music, her outfits, her amazing accent or the personality (or of the one we can assume). Regardless of the music (I admit to having every song), I always have been inspired by her magical, continous change of style – it is breathtaking, so fresh! Now I am surely not the only fan and absolutely not the biggest fan out there (no posters, haha!) but knowing that there are so many out there, one can approximately calculate how many she inspires. Given the fact that she has ever so often now, almost revolutionised fashion, inspired designers over and over and oh, has become a designer, she is one to watch for new trends. Here it goes: her brows! Looking at the new cover from Bitch Better Have My Money, I would almost bet that we will be seeing some more of these straight, in your face, bold eyebrows on one or the other upcoming runway! What do you think of the brows – yay or nay? xo


please note: this is not my photo (click for original)