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Happy Valentine’s

Happy Valentine’s my loves! Today is the day we celebrate love: the day to celebrate our partners, our families, our friends and ourselves. Really, in my opinion, it’s about giving love to the ones we are closest to, the ones that mean just that much more to us – or,…


Breakfast made with Love

Good morning loves! How cute is this toast? I recently saw a similar bread photo on Pinterest and decided to re-create my own little toast for breakfast. Now that I can finally eat again (after the tonsil surgery), I try to enjoy weekend breakfasts even more – you know it’s…


World Cuddle Day

Posted on 2min read

Happy Cuddle Day! Yep, this is an official day in the year and one I really do appreciate – so here goes an online cuddle to all of you! I am officially back at the office today and I swear I have never been happier to work. Having been stuck…


2016 Layered Cake

It’s almost the end of 2015 – can anyone actually believe how fast this year has gone by, how much has happened and what’s to come? It’s been an incredible year – I’ve learned so much about myself, went through challenges of my own, achieved several of my goals, met…