Loods 5

Happy Sunday! Apologies for being so absent the past few days – it’s been busy as usual, if not even more. I drove down to Düsseldorf Friday morning to spend the weekend and my birthday (Tuesday) here with the family. Saturday we went to the city and did a little interior shopping, spent the evening on the couch and today we drove down to Holland. Seriously, I love the fact that they are open for shopping on Sundays. My mom and I have been looking at one shop that we’ve seen on several blogs already – one that has been described as breath-taking by many lifestyle and interior bloggers, one that we had to see in real life to judge ourselves. So today we drove down to Zaandam in the Netherlands to visit Loods 5. I am not kidding you when saying that it is an absolute must for interior and deco-lovers. Seriously. The shop was huge – I mean, gigantic! It’s the size of one of those large Ikeas, though the style completely different. Mostly interior decorations are there, though you can find everything from Scandinavian furniture to copper baskets over to the most stylish lamps, candles or wooden tablets.

I tried taking some pictures to give you an idea of what the store offers though I was more concentrated on the actual items than on my camera. I promise you, it will really be worth your trip if you go. We spent around 3,5 hours in the store, though probably could’ve spent even more time there. I did buy a few things here and there (decoration, obviously), which I will share with you soon. I could’ve taken a whole transporter with me and re-furnish my whole apartment. Three things stopped me: the boarder to Switzerland, the size of my car and my wallet. Speaking of wallet – I am in love with the chair on the second picture (below) – what do you think? Oh, I can’t wait to have my own first-bought place to style everything!









Thursday already! Isn’t it great? I love working, being active, and surely cannot sit still for very long. Yet, I am looking forward to this long weekend ahead. Long because I took off Friday, to see one of my besties that is visiting from Sydney. I will be showing her around Zurich and we will catch up on everything that has happened in the past year – and surely, there is quite a lot!

Looking through my files I noticed I had not shown you the second half of the pictures I took at the incredible Jill & Co Lifestyle store – the first post is found here. How amazing does this bedroom look, please? It makes me want to re-decorate and re-furnish my whole apartment. At least the bedroom (except for those lamps and the one or other detail that is simply too much). One day – and this is a promise to myself – I will have this sort of style throughout my apartment. It looks so inviting, so comfortable, warm and yet clean. Simply said, it makes you feel home after only being there a couple of minutes. And have you noticed the incredible floor?

My mom and I have some more shops that are on our must-see list. I am probably driving up to Germany again at the end of October for a longer weekend, which we will then use to drive to Holland for a day or two to run-through our list. I am so excited, it’s almost childish! The best part is, it will be around my birthday, so I have the best excuse yet to buy myself a present, or two – or three, whilst we’re at it!

For now though, I am looking forward to tonight. We are having dinner with an old family friend that my dad knows since they were about 19 years old, and whom knows me since I was born. I haven’t seen him in a couple of years now so I am really looking forward to catching up over dinner and a few drinks (yes to good wine!). Until then, I’ve got quite a bunch to go through at work and will continue my future house-day-dreaming in between.

Have a lovely Thursday. xo








Traveling the Netherlands: Jill & Co Lifestyle N°1

Happy Sunday! My mom and I have quite a few things in common – but one passion that we both share is the love to interior design. Both her and I search blogs all the time for entertainment and inspiration, though she looks more into interior than me (I go more for food and fashion I would say). She’s been telling me about this one shop that all interior bloggers from Germany seem to have gone too and that it’s a must see. So today we decided to drive over to Holland to find exactly that store (and a few little other ones). It’s only about a 45min drive away from Düsseldorf, which makes it a jump more or less. The store really was amazing. I love this kind of style and I wish my whole apartment had that vibe. Of course I couldn’t leave the shop without the one or two (or maybe three) pieces for my own little apartment in Zurich. And I’ve decided: I will need to renovate one of my rooms (my creative room) for sure. And with for sure, I mean for sure. I’ve been pushing it too long now and it bothers me. So that’s my personal side project for the next upcoming weeks.

I’ve taken quite a few pictures today at Jill & Co lifestyle (the shop) and thought I’d share a few with you. I’ll post more some other time and of course also share my findings with you in the near future. So stay posted on that! xo







A Day in Maastricht

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Flowers! I love flowers – and I love Maastricht! The combination of both made me smile the whole of last Sunday. As you might have read from my last posts, I was in Düsseldorf this past weekend to visit my family and enjoy some time off. Sunday we decided to drive to Maastricht (Holland), to go for some shopping and (for me) to explore a new city. I have never been there before, although it is only an hour drive from where we live in Germany, and I must say I absolutely love the city. I love Holland in general – what is it with the people always being so kind and happy over there? It’s so great!

As much as I love fashion, I cannot stop myself from going into Interior Decoration shops at the moment. Or shops that have a great variety of baking and cooking utensils. Okay, I admit I love everything that has to do with (my) home – be it the closet, the insides, the shoes that are stored and kept at one’s own place, the kitchen, the lovely decorations all around, just everything. Holland (and all Scandinavian countries it seems) have a great, and I mean GREAT, sense of style in regards to living at home. One of my all-time-favorite stores is probably Rivièra Maison. They have a semi-big store in Düsseldorf, a store with some of their designs in Zurich, and a HUGE store in Maastricht. It is over three levels large and has about everything I could ever dream of for my future home. I made so many photos in that store (I’ll have to show you in another post) and of course had to buy a few decoration pieces for my apartment. I cannot wait to show you!

Back to flowers – I love flowers how you might have noticed. What is it with the Dutch and their amazing talent for making the most amazing flower arrangements? And they are so cheap compared to prices in Zurich, and even to most places in Germany. Unfortunately the long drives ahead and the traveling in between made it impossible for me to take a whole bunch of flowers with me. However, I had to buy two vases – a large and a smaller one. I can’t wait to buy more flowers now (and show you each and every bouquet)! :-)

Till then, I wish you all a great Wednesday! I shall have a long day at the office it seem and then Friday morning (if not tomorrow tonight) I will be off to Geneva. Till then! xo










Route Natural

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Happy Sunday my lovely readers – & Happy International Women’s Day! I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend so far – I surely did! I drove to Düsseldorf (Germany) on Friday afternoon to visit the family and have been doing so ever since. Yesterday was pretty relaxed – I went to the hairdresser and we enjoyed the evening at home. Today we spent the whole day in Maastricht (Netherlands), which was absolutely incredible. The weather is amazing – it feels just like spring! Back to my hair now – I am slowly but surely hitting the Route to Natural. I normally always add more highlights or at least get these freshened up. This time round I actually colored my roots much darker than the blonde I am used to – it’s quite close to my natural hair color. I was shocked to be honest. I knew my hair color was quite dark, but this dark? I fell out of my blonde heaven once I saw it and I am still only, slowly getting used to it. I surely love the color, and I love the fact that it’s got the ombre effect – I was able to keep my blonde on the bottom. However, as much as I like it, I still feel awkward and just not like myself when I look into the mirror.. Let’s see if I get used to it!

In regards to the actual coloring – I love my hairdresser here in Düsseldorf. She does an amazing job with whatever I request from her. Be it dark, going towards natural or all the way blonde because I cannot do without it. I am sure she will have to help me go blonde again at some point – I am just such a blonde-love. However, for now I will try to get used to it and actually keep it for a while. It’s just better for my hair if I give it some time to regrow and not bleach it on a constant.

What do you think about the darker hair?

My hairdresser is called Aspasia – she is absolutely great at what she does! You can ask for an appointment with her at the hairdresser Andreas Kohlhoff by calling 0211 8632007 (Germany).

Oh – and sorry for the iPhone quality only, it’s the only camera I had at hand :-). Wishing you all a great start into the week tomorrow! xo

ps. I don’t quite know why my photos are shown turned-around on some devices – will need to get that one fixed!