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Hey everyone! I literally just came into the door from work and am so ready to lie on my couch and do absolutely: nothing. The day was great, in fact, I had an amazing lunch meeting and therefore super scrumptious food. I love meetings over lunch, just for the lunch sometimes haha! You might have already seen the starter on Instragram, which I was able to post slightly after the meeting. We’ve been to Au Premier (restaurant at the main train station in Zurich) quite a few times now. It’s not too loud, close to our office and convenient if clients need to hop onto a train right after lunch – so no need to stress! The food has never let me down so far: it’s alwasy super pretty done and tastes better than expected when reading it from the card.

Oh, and here’s a little collage of today’s outfit I’ve been wearing to the office. I try to look casual chic, though don’t necessarily wear a blazer all the time. Actually, that might have been smart today – I’ve been super cold the whole day! I will now prepare something small for me to eat for dinner and then literally, like I said, do nothing – I cannot wait! Wishing you all a great evening and keep on smiling!



1) shirt – H&M

2) Pants – Hudson Jeans

3) Bag – Patrizia Pepe

4) Shoes – Nelly



Birthdays on a Monday

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Happy birthday to me! Oh it’s been such a lovely day. Honestly, I thought it would be nice, but in the end: it’s still a Monday. How wrong was I? It was super fun: I woke up to a lovely breakfast, facetimed with the family, had a good lunch, an amazing meeting at the office, received presents and flowers and had the most amazing dinner, ever!

I am in love with my new handbag from Patrizia Pepe, which I received from my parents. I saw it a while ago and was thinking about buying it, though couldn’t fully decide. In the end, I wished for it as a present and I am so glad I did.  I am so gratef for what the past has given me and the moments I have been able to experience. I received a book from my sister I have wanted to read for a while now and: a rice cooker! How great is that? Haha, but seriously, I asked for one and am so happy about it. I will surely try it out in the next days and cannot wait for it. To the love of rice and good cooking utensils!

I received so so many emails and private messages, calls and texts. It’s great to hear so many beloving words from so many special people; I couldn’t be any happier!

I will be re-celebrating on Friday in 2 weeks with my whole family in Düsseldorf (Germany) and will even receive a few more small presents. How amazing does that sound? I’m already excited!

I took a few pictures of the dinner but was too concentrated on the actual eating (haha, insane!) to take enough. I will surely share these with you in the next few days. Also, I still haveso many calls to do tomorrow that I haven’t been able to take today. Now I’m ready to jump to bed and maybe revisit the past few years in thoughts – am I getting old now? Haha, – wish you all a great end to the day! Lots of love!









Live. Love. Leopard.

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It’s no secret I am in love with the color black, that I love pairing it with gold and it shouldn’t be a surprise to hear that I absolutely love leopard prints – especially on fur. I am usually not the person that is much into prints, especially not those majorly colored ones. However, animal prints have had me hooked since forever. Be it snake, tiger, crocodile or leopard – though leopard, in my opinion, beats it all.

Leopard prints have been in style (if one can say so!) since forever. Leopard coats have been seen on almost all influencing women known, from Madonna to Kate Moss. Since the blog hype started a few years ago, it is a must-have item in every closet. Now not only do I love the print on coats (I am still looking for the perfect one, which I can semi-afford), but on almost everything: from shoes, over bags, to iPad/iPhone cases, on bracelets, to my beloved and most-wanted coat. Today I want to show you some of my favorite pieces, most of which are on my not-so-secret wishlist.

I am a shoe-lover. Be it flats, loafers, heels, wedges or ankle boots. Since autumn is coming up and my beloved loafers will be getting too cold and some of my boots are still too warm, ankle boots are the way to go. Leopard ankle boots are surely on my wishlist this upcoming fall. Paired with a black jeans (ofcourse), a black cashmere sweater and some gold rings, these boots are the perfect round-up to a simple outfit.

chloe ankle bootsThese above beauties are found here. Similar ones are to be found here, here or here.

Another item on my top wishlist regarding leopard prints is the perfect fur coat. Perfect, of course, is different based on each individual definition. Personally, I would prefer the fur to be quite short – I’d rather not look like a teddy-bear on the streets. I do not mind it being faux, though also do not want it to look too fake, making it possible to tell from a 2 mile distance. Preferably, I would want a longer arm to it and I would rather have it going into a natural beige/brown color than a yellow tone. Complicated much? I think so!


I have been looking online a lot lately and here is my find to some similar ones: here, herehere and a more affordable one here. Have you seen any great ones?

Handbags are one of those accessories that have the power of changing a whole outfit. They can make an outfit become more elegant, more edgy, wilder, younger or more mature. A leopard handbag gives that certain edge to an outfit. Combine it with red nails and a red lipstick and you become super woman leaving the apartment (just don’t over dot it!). Although one could probably wear leopard from head to toe – I’m the last one to say no to a complete leo-look -, personally I prefer playing with one outfit item. A leopard handbag is like that special spice that tops off any meal.

celine leopard



Similar ones like the above Céline handbags can be found here, here, here and a little more affordable here and here.