BW&G Basics

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Black, white and grey – there’s seriously no easier combination when it comes to clothes. I love polyore for making these collages – and for finding some amazing deals online.

With fall having arrived, it’s time to unpack those thicker cardigans, those ponchos, hats and scarfs. Alright, the hat might not yet be needed – but honestly, how cool is it? And there is probably no easier way to hide a messy-hair-day. This hat is my next buy for sure.

This grey cardigan/light jacket is amazing and under $50. For it not even being on sale, it really is an amazing catch.

I’m really in need for some new biker boots, as my old Zara ones just don’t do it anymore and honestly, I’ve fallen in love with this pair from Moschino. What’s your opinion on it?

This tshirt is an absolute eyecatcher and gives all others an easy way to approaching you – there’s no cooler way of starting a conversation over a unicorn. Seriously.

These frends headphones are already in my collection and a go-to item when on the road. I couldn’t live without music and especially for those long fall walks I love having some music ring in my ears. Only need to be careful to not sing out loud with my favorite songs. :)

Leatherpants are a must-have in every closet, every year. You can wear them all the time, to almost all occasions (seriously, I’ve worn them in business before). They are warmer then jeans so it’s really my first grab in the morning when temperatures drop. These ones are a perfect fit.

I’m still looking for the perfect black scarf, and this one really caught my eyes. Surely a cheaper version though, as I’m still not convinced on the price for such an accessorie. Any opinions?

As much as I am complaining about the cold, I cannot wait to wear some of my thicker autumn and winter clothes – there’s just so much to combine! I’m throwing out quite a bit again to make more space for new shopping purchases. Cant wait for the next shopping runs!

I’ll surely keep you up to date on my purchases. Till then, I wish you a great continuing week. xo

Simplistic Interior Inspiration

Happy Sunday! Can you believe the week is almost over, again? I’ll be picking up my parents from the airport today and this afternoon I’ll start driving down to Zurich again to make it in time before I start working at the office again on Monday. Oh, and then I’m off to Geneva on Tuesday – the week starts of busy!

I’m currently all over the web (yes, at 8am on a Sunday because I can’t sleep at the moment) searching for inspiration and the right items to re-furnish my office at home – the one I like to call my ‘creative space’. The room bores me when only looking at it; yes, it has everything I need, yet it is the least inspiring room in the whole apartment. That can’t be! So I’ve decided to start my own little mission and re-decorate, re-furnish and spice up that room just enough so that my inspiration can spark again without dragging along the empty walls.

I am looking to get a more Scandinavian touch into the whole room – with lot’s of whites, grey, a few blacks and a hint of color here and there (can’t be avoided with all those magazines stocking up).

Now I’ve already gotten one of these beautiful items (well at least extremely similar) – can you guess? It’s been ordered but sadly will take another 1-2 weeks to arrive, so I will have to practice my patience :-).. !

I should probably get dressed now and take out the dog before making my way to the airport later – it’s going to be long day with lot’s of hours in the car so I am really looking forward to getting some fresh air and a few steps in my schedule now. Wishing you all a great Sunday! xo

Screenshot 2015-05-01 10.09.37


Find the candle here, the lamp here, the light bulb here, the rug here, the chair here, the cement bowl here, the table here, the picture here, and the geometric candle design here.

You can find the whole overview of the collage here on polyvore

Alexander Wang x H&M Press Event

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Happy Wednesday everyone – I surely hope you all had a great day! I just came back from the H&M x Alexander Wang Press Pre-Shopping Event in Zurich. It. Was. Insane! Honestly – it was a mass that went into the shop and everyone was basically killing to get a piece – so much for VIP entrance the day before haha. But unlike others, I won’t have to stand in line tomorrow to have a 10 minute shopping experience (yes, they time you and you get a wrist band – insane!). I tried to take photos, but I’ll be dead honest with you guys: I was scared my camera would get smashed in the crowd haha. So I put it away and looked at the crowd trying to get as many pieces as possible.

Obviously I didn’t just stand and wait around. Smart little me was able to get the pieces I wanted straight from one of the ladies working there – but I must admit, I guess I was just lucky. So I got the top that I really wanted! I was thinking whether to get the white or black one, but the decision was easily taken because the white one was basically gone first. I quickly tried the black on when I got home and I must say I’m super, super happy with my choice: I am in love. Obviously, haha – it is probably not a big surprise that I am liking the black pieces more, once again. I will try and take a few pictures of me wearing the outfit in the upcoming days – so stay tuned!

I also got myself the leggings, which people were literally killing for. Then everyone wanted to go into the changing rooms. That is when my patience completely ended. I took both pieces, bought them and went home. I couldn’t have survived an hour standing in line. I’m not sure if I will keep the leggings though, so I might take them back in the next few days during business hours (hopefully when most people won’t have time to shop). Sadly, I just don’t look like that model in the campaign wearing it haha. Instead I might get another top. Shall see! For now, I am super, duper happy about my black top!

In general, I have to say: The collection is absolutely stunning, simply amazing. It is so “simple”, very sporty and yet chic. I love how the collection is made for actually working out and simultaneously you can go out clubbing with the piecees. Basically, you can do one after another! Though I do advice going out before getting all sweaty haha. I could have spent so much money tonight, it’s insane. I also love the coat with the embedded cap/hat, though I couldn’t fully decide and I think it might be a little too sporty for my taste. In the end, I enjoy timeless pieces (if spending those amounts) that I can wear a little longer. Nonetheless: I was breathtaken by the pieces. Which one is your favorite?