& So I started Again

TGIF. That is exactly what I was thinking last week, as well – right before I jumped on a plane to Hamburg. The trip was too short – as always – though I loved seeing everyone. After I came back quite late on Monday, Tuesday started early again at the office. Though it was a short week for me with only 4 days, it felt like forever.

As you might remember, I told you last week about me getting back into painting. I love it – it calms me down to mix the colors and then melt them together on the canvas without really knowing where it will take me or what the final product will look like. I got inspired by a digital drawing by @mersedova (instagram), and decided I want a Baywatch-like woman in my house, too. I think there is something incredible about the picture she drew – it’s both sexy and showcasing an empowering, self-loving and independent woman. Exactly what I like! So here is my final version of it – fully painted with palette-knifes and thick acrylic paints. I don’t use brushes and try to stay away from details as much as possible. Also, this is the first time I “painted” a face. I usually leave the face blank because 1) I am no good at them and 2) faces often define emotions. I want my viewers to be able to place their own emotion and feelings into a painting without being pre-stimulated by a facial expression. Nevertheless, this woman surely needed one – otherwise it would have been “incomplete” – or so I feel. What do you think of the painting? I’d love to hear opinions!

And now – off to jumping into the weekend (and studying, again…) xo




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Happy Monday! The weather this weekend was a-m-a-zing! Of course I was stuck in my little dark hole room most of the time studying – but, it’ll only be until Wednesday and then I have two weeks off. I am beyond excited to finish this Master program (early next year, hopefully)! I couldn’t not go outside at all, though. So I went out to Thalwil to see my bestie at the lake, soaked in some sun, and ate from the BBQ kiosk restaurant. It was simple, yet delish! I am crossing fingers that by the end of the week we will continue to have this weather – so I can finally tan again. With my luck, though, I wouldn’t be surprised if it rains. Cross fingers!

Until then, I have quite a bit to do – at the office, evening drinks and dinners this week, finishing/writing two more papers for uni until Wednesday – and meetings on the go. I might go out for a nice dinner on Thursday, though, to celebrate the start of my two weeks “uni-vacation”. What are your plans for the week? xo



And here is a snapshot (yep, from snapchat) of Saturday’s accessories. I watched “Central Intelligence” at the movies – Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson were SO funny. My pretty choker (necklace) is actually a simple black satin ribbon – used for wrapping presents. I love using it because I can choose what style I want, double-wrapped, with a bow, or singly chic. I’m also wearing Dolce K on my lips from the Kylie collection – I must say these colours stay on forever! Oh, and the glasses, are Gucci. :)


Weekend Plans

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Finally Thursday! Not only is it Thursday, but it is the first free night for me in a really long time. I finished my uni course last night and now have vacation for the next three weeks – so nice. However, I’ve gotten so used to studying every single night after coming home from work, I almost feel like I have nothing to do anymore. Doesn’t that sound sad? Well, I’ve decided to do what I do best – being in the kitchen. I will be making some more cookies tonight, preparing a bunch for the weekend when the family arrives on Sunday and to have a stack for the Christmas days. Because, let’s be honest, it ain’t no Christmas without the right amount of cookies, right? Good thing I don’t have to eat them all by myself.

Tomorrow is another exciting day. Not only is it Friday and close to the weekend again (I cannot wait to sleep in), but tomorrow my Christmas tree is arriving! I ordered it as it is my first time celebrating at my own place with the family. And quite frankly, I am too lazy (let’s admit it, I am too weak) to carry a Christmas tree by myself home. Its taller than me, which really gets me most excited. I bought all the decorations for it last year in sale (yep, so smart) and am really looking forward to getting the Christmas mood more into the apartment. I just really hope I have everything, and enough of everything. The good thing is that it is not too last minute and I still have a couple of days to organize anything I might be missing after all.

Tomorrow night I will be seeing a friend, might even go out after that and then repeat all that Saturday night (at least the club part). This weekend is the last one before the holiday season really kicks in and all parties and events seem to have fallen on the same weekend – not surprisingly though. So it will be one more busy weekend, then I can officially relax a little more. I’ll try to update you a little more in the upcoming days since I officially (should) have more time – so stay tuned. xo



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Friday night it is! I’ve decided for a super cozy evening on my couch, had a great dinner previously and am now surfing the web whilst watching CNN on the side – I couldn’t ask for more! The week has gone by fast, obviously – we had Monday off. Now here it comes: I have the upcoming Monday off again! How cool is that? It’s a public holiday in Zurich (not in all of Switzerland), so I can relax and enjoy the (finally) great spring weather. It was beautiful today – around 20°C and it was absolutely amazing to walk around in a t-shirt.

The only thing that seems to be missing is THIS pool we had at the Sifawy Hotel in Oman, and well, maybe the beach! I cannot wait for the next holiday to come up! I am planning my next trip with the family, so let’s see when and where that will be (either late summer or autumn). However, it will surely involve some beach and hot bikini weather – so exciting!

Now I’ll continue listening to potential future scenarios in Cuba (all on CNN), whilst surfing some of my favorite blogs, and wish you a great Friday night! xo

IMG_5655-1 (verschoben)

IMG_5654-1 (verschoben)

Rolling out of Easter

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Good morning lovelies! Easter has come so quickly and left even faster – can you believe it? I spent a lovely, lazy, long weekend here at my place in Zurich with the family. This year we decided not to go all crazy on chocolate (eggs), since every year we either complain that a) we ate too many :) or b) we throw them all away because no one really wants them. Instead, my mom and I tried out lots of different recipes for dinners and lunches and I went a little crazy in the beginning with my ‘healthy’ baking. The only annoying part was (and still is) my right wrist, which is still in a cast. I’ve stopped taking painkillers Sunday evening, and since I started working again yesterday, I’ve had some quite uncomfortable times with it – luckily I’ll get it off next Tuesday (crossing fingers that it won’t be swollen anymore then!).

Other than all the great food, I’ve absolutely enjoyed having the family over. In fact, it was the first time they came to my place – since my previous places were all too tiny (student-room sizes). I might have overdone it with my little white porcelain bunnies all over the living room – but hey, at least I admit to it! :) The weather has been awful last week though, and I felt so bad for my mother, sister and dog, as they always have bad luck with it here. It did turn quite nice though on Sunday and now it seems Spring is definitely on it’s way – or at least, let’s cross fingers that it won’t turn its back on us again! Now that everyone is gone again and I am back to routine, my food schedule should get back to normal again. Although we cooked more or less healthy only, I have the feeling I’m rolling off my bed now! ;( So now it’s back to doing some exercises in the morning and having my routinely 3 meals a day.

And now that it’s Thursday already, it’s only 2 more days till Friday! Can you believe it? I have another long weekend coming up (public holiday in Zurich on Monday) – so I am really looking forward to it; making it easier to get back into the routine! Wishing you all a great day, xo.

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