Signals of Spring

Happy Wednesday! I seem I start every post with a happy day – maybe I should switch that up with a quick and easy hey? I am currently sitting in the Ritz Hotel in London, sipping on my diet coke and looking through my study material and searching through Instagram. It’s finally March, meaning Spring is just around the corner and better yet, Summer is coming – surely, but slowly! Especially on Instagram I notice all these pictures of flowers – especially tulips! I would not blame anyone though, I myself am a huge, huge lover of tulips and buy flowers weekly (if I am home). I love white tulips. As much as I love black in regards to clothes, I love everything at home in white and earthy tones. White seems so fresh, so clean, so pure. It brightens up the mood and everything is light around you. It’s the perfect contrast to myself wearing black most of the times!

London has been great – the past days have been busy with meetings from mornings till evenings and my inbox is exploding alongside. Joy – I’ll be cleaning that up in the upcoming days. Today has been less stressful and I was even able to see a close friend of mine over a lovely lunch. It’s so great to have friends all over the world. When business allows it, I can meet people in most cities I travel to.

This post is quite short and I only wanted to give you a heads up – I am alive and living life to the fullest (well, at least I am pretending to). :-) I need to pack quickly and then get back to the airport. I want to arrive a little early so I can buy my favorite Clinique creams (body lotions, face creams, eye creams – that sort of stuff) at the airport. It is so much cheaper in London compared to Zurich! I also treated myself today with a little shopping today before lunch (ok, a rather large treat for my definition!). You will find a hint on my Instagram – @laurananette. :-)

Wish you all a lovely continuing day – let’s cross fingers that Spring won’t let us wait all too long (it’s still quite chilly, at least in London and Zurich). xo


Web Wants 02 2015

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Happy FriYAY! Yep, the week has gone by already – once again! It’s been a really busy week so far – actually, I have the feeling it’s still the beginning. My weekend isn’t much different scheduling wise: I will be diving tomorrow and Sunday, need to get up early on both days, have to write some texts on tonight, Saturday and Sunday, have guests coming on Monday (so need to clean!) and will be going out a club this Saturday with one of my girls here in Zurich. As much as I’m looking forward to each and every part of the weekend (except for cleaning..), I doubt I’ll be getting any sleep – I surely won’t get to sleep in. I haven’t slept in for weeks now and I swear, it kills me. I love sleep – so being deprived from one of my favourite activities might make me a little moody from time to time.

Hopefully everything will go well with my last dive on Sunday – going into the lake tomorrow and Sunday (brrr…)! Upon completion of the course I can finally call myself a PADI Open Water Diver – looking forward to it! With that, of course, I am super excited for my holiday coming up now in March. Obviously, I have been searching the Internet for adequate outfits already – believe it or not, I am short on everything that has to do with hot temperatures. It only shows how little I have been at the beach in the past two years – so depressing!

Here are some of my current favourites from River Island, which I have been love-eyeing with. What do you think? With hot temperatures I always think of a nice tan, bikinis in floral prints and pastel colours (so fresh!), a large summer hat, some footwear and of course: sunglasses! I decided on buying one or two “cheaper” kinds, as I do not want my other sunnies to get ruined by the salt water and sand. I am now off to lunch with a friend and then I’ll be back at the desk – oh so fun!  xo

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Home-made Applesauce

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Tis the season to eat apples! I love apples – even more, I love applesauce and I especially love it when it’s home-made. Demanding, eh? haha, due to my intolerances though I cannot eat whatever I want anymore – packed, pre-made food from the supermarket normally doesn’t do it for me anymore. Instead, I try making all the little things myself now. I normally cannot live without breakfast during the week: I just need to have the energy when I’m at the office the whole day. At the same time, I’ll be honest with you, do I not have any patience when it comes to cooking in the mornings. Instead, I try to prepare my meals as much as possible or at least eat something that only takes minutes to make.

I primarily eat glutenfree porridge in the morning, which I quickly make with boiling water. I don’t have the patience anymore to make it in a cooking pot, even if it’s only 5 minutes. I then add some of my home-made applesauce on top and voila: my breakfast is done and fills me up until lunch.

Here’s what you  need:

– cinnamon
– apples (approx. 2 kg)
– zucrinet (or any other kind of sweetning)
– knife
– cutting board


I’ll be honest, I was way too lazy to cut the apples into such small pieces. Instead, I cut the apples into fours and placed them in my mixer. Do that with all apples, until none are left over. Put the grated apples into a pot and start heating up the sauce. Then add cinnamon (as much as you like). I am realllly into cinnamon, so I placed about 3 tablespoons into the sauce. On top of that, I added about 80 grams of my zucrinet. Remember that if you use sugar, you might need to taste the apple sauce until the sweetning is good – sugar is not as sweet as different sweetning agents. Now let the applesauce boil up and start stirring once it boils. Lower the temperature until it only boils a little bit and keep on stirring the sauce from time to time. Voila, after approximately 20 minutes you have your home-made apple sauce. If you fill the sauce into airtight jars, and store the jars in a cool, dark room, the sauce will last you 2-3 months. Honestly, it will never last that much for me – my consumption is way too high!

Enough now – the recipe is super easy. Good luck to all of you wanting to try it.

Tipp: If you want the sauce to be less saucy (less like a sauce and more like stewed apples), you can always add some jam sugar/preserving sugar to the mixture. Make sure to cook the sauce another 10-15 minutes, if you decide to add the sugar later on. Also, you can leave more apple pieces in the sauce and not puree everything like I did.

What is your experience on making apple-sauce?