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Quinoa Berry Porridge

Happy Sunday loves! Another week has passed and I was able to tick-offย everything I had on my to-do list until today – time to make one for the upcoming week. I’ve got a few lunch dates coming up this week with friends that I used to go to school withย –…


Friday Feelings

Posted on 2min read

Thank the heaven it’s Friday! The week goes by so, so fast! Wasn’t it Monday, like just two days ago? It surely feels like it – though I guess that is a good sign! I am so relieved however, that it is Friday again! The week has been full of…


Selfies like in the 00s

TGIF – its finally friday night, meaning: it’s time to enjoy some hours at the bar with my friends. I love going for a couple of drinks on fridays, as I can actually sleep-in tomorow. I apologize for the not-so-good quality of the photos,ย but how cool is this? I just…