Home Inspo

I’ve been off guard for a while now and I guess I should apologise. It probably also doesn’t help to complain or list the things that are going on right now that are keeping me busy. Yet, I have not forgotten about my readers, nor do I have the intention of stopping any updates anytime soon. Do forgive me though, please, if my updates are not as regular at the moment. Once I have finished my larger projects, and most importantly, finished my masters in a couple of months, I am hoping to dedicate much more of my free time here again.

On another note – I was skimming over Pinterest the other day and fell in love with some of the interior inspired pictures I found. I thought I’d share a few of those with you today to show a sign of life. A combination of these and my own little touch to everything – that would be my dream apartment/home one day. I love pairing the old with the new, having an apartment with that “old” vibe (“Altbauwohnung”), adding new pieces into it, and having a hint of that Scandinavian and Soho Design Interior flowing into the whole thing.

I just absolutely love looking at lifestyle photos and especially at interior stuff. I am even thinking of making my little hobby more realistic and looking into learning more about design on a professional level for the future. Not to stop what I am doing right now; instead – to potentially being able to use my hobby and love for interior (and food – oh jee, now I am starting to get indecisive again) more frequently in the future! What do you think of the inspo photos from Pinterest, any favorites? xo

Loods 5

Happy Sunday! Apologies for being so absent the past few days – it’s been busy as usual, if not even more. I drove down to Düsseldorf Friday morning to spend the weekend and my birthday (Tuesday) here with the family. Saturday we went to the city and did a little interior shopping, spent the evening on the couch and today we drove down to Holland. Seriously, I love the fact that they are open for shopping on Sundays. My mom and I have been looking at one shop that we’ve seen on several blogs already – one that has been described as breath-taking by many lifestyle and interior bloggers, one that we had to see in real life to judge ourselves. So today we drove down to Zaandam in the Netherlands to visit Loods 5. I am not kidding you when saying that it is an absolute must for interior and deco-lovers. Seriously. The shop was huge – I mean, gigantic! It’s the size of one of those large Ikeas, though the style completely different. Mostly interior decorations are there, though you can find everything from Scandinavian furniture to copper baskets over to the most stylish lamps, candles or wooden tablets.

I tried taking some pictures to give you an idea of what the store offers though I was more concentrated on the actual items than on my camera. I promise you, it will really be worth your trip if you go. We spent around 3,5 hours in the store, though probably could’ve spent even more time there. I did buy a few things here and there (decoration, obviously), which I will share with you soon. I could’ve taken a whole transporter with me and re-furnish my whole apartment. Three things stopped me: the boarder to Switzerland, the size of my car and my wallet. Speaking of wallet – I am in love with the chair on the second picture (below) – what do you think? Oh, I can’t wait to have my own first-bought place to style everything!








All about that work

Good morning lovelies! It’s Thursday and I couldn’t be happier – the week has been great so far but I am simultaneously looking forward for the weekend. With it being Thursday, the weekend is just around the corner! Geneva on Tuesday was an absolute success – or at least, I surely had some positive meetings. Hopefully some business will form from that and the right connections have definetely been established. Now here is to my workspace: it’s simple, its more or less clean and currently organized. I admit, it isn’t always that organized – I manage to throw papers all over the place within a couple of hours if I start working from home. However, I still do try and clean it up as often as possible – I get frustrated when the chaos takes over..! Now here is the problem – I believe the mess comes from not having the surrounding ideally managed (meaning nice boxes, trays, whatever it takes). And it’s so simple at the moment, so clean – too clean. My mission is, ideally, to keep it simple, clean and fresh (lot’s of white), but I do want it a little more inspiring for when I sit down and throw some words on here.

Do you have any ideas on stylish organizing the desk? Surely, I always see those perfect desks on Pinterest and other websites – but is it just me or does everyone else only have one cup of coffe, one pen and one notepad on their desk? Honestly, I have a little bit more! I was also thinking about hanging up some larger photos above the iMac – preferably in black & white, maybe with a nice inspirational quote? I will try working on it this weekend if I find the time and I’ll make sure to share it with you afterwards. Until then, I am happy for any inspiration you guys have, seriously! :-)

Now I’m off to work and tonight I shall be at some kind of BBQ Opening Party at Kaufleuten (club in Zurich) with a friend. Friday is hopefully calm and Saturday it’s all about party! I might sneak into one of my favorite bookstores today over lunch to drewl over some inspirational art, interior, cooking and design books – since no meeting is planned for today (for once).

Till then, I wish you a great start into the day! xo



Traditions, Mondays & Mud

Happy Monday Morning it is! I hope you all had brilliant weekend – mine has been fantastic. It was just the right balance between seeing friends, going out for a few drinks and majorly relaxing yesterday. My saturday started with a perfect breakfast at home (you know I love eating haha) and then continued for coffee and some chatting at my friends place. Back home I got groceries and did all the “usual” saturday things (cleaning, etc). I also decided to finally paint one of my walls in the living room. I have wanted to do it since ages though never really found a color I liked. Back in Germany, about 2 weeks ago, I finally found the color I love. I like calling it a light “mud” color, as I wouldn’t know any other name for it. So after taping all the corners and the door frame, painting the sides all carefully and then finally getting the whole wall done – I now found slight stripes that I can see from one corner in the room. How annoying is that? I almost died this morning when I saw it, these things drive me insane.

I wanted to show you a picture of the whole wall with the furniture but since I don’t quite like the “imperfections”, it will have to wait until next weekend. My dad said he can fix it – thank god I have him! The color itself though is amazing – just like I had wanted it to look like. Depending on the light that shines into the room (or doesn’t) the color seems to slightly look differently. I swear I found five different tones already haha. If anyone is interested, I am happy to share the details of what color it is and where to buy it! Oh, and aren’t those tulips so lovely? They are probably one of my favorites, after peonies, and I especially love the white and pink ones.

And: Merry late Christmas to me! Am I even allowed to still use that as an excuse for buying myself this adorable, pretty little thing? Probably not haha. I’ve wanted this LV Agenda (size PM) for numerous years now. I’ve asked for it and then always said I’d get it myself afterwards. It took me almost 3 years now to finally just go into the store and spend the money on it. I love it – as much as I had wanted it, I am so happy I did. I love writing things down by hand in general (am more of the traditional one), and it’s just perfect for writing down private meet-ups and to-dos that are on my list. I normally have everything digitalized on my iPhone as well, especially all the work meetings. But I missed writing things down by hand like I used to in school or at uni. The best part: I got it personalized, love it! I wasn’t sure of what color to get – whether to choose the traditional gold initials or not. I decided on letting out the girly part of me and went for the new pink they have in their color scheme. I have filled in all the birthdays already and love using it on a daily basis for my own to-do list.

Before writing this post I just had breakfast (duh, haha) and was actually thinking of starting to write letters again. It has become so unusual for our generation to write letters and postcards to one another and it’s almost sad I find. Technology is great – no doubt. I wouldn’t be able to blog, I wouldn’t be able to “stalk” other blogs, get creativity in such a short amount of time, be in the contact I am with my friends – life would not be as we know it without the internet and technology. But aren’t you happy to receive hand-written letters and cards? I always get really excited when I receive a postcard from one of my friends or when I get all the cards for my birthdays. Other than that, I barely receive anything in my postbox other than bills – sadly, haha. These little surprises are amazing though and I’ve decided to start writing more by hand again. I’ve got myself covered on nice letter paper but my old fountain pen has sadly kicked the bucket. I believe I just found my new investment! What are your thoughts on the traditional hand-writing and all the such?

Now I’m quickly off to work – have a great monday! xo