Baking Season

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“In der Weihnachtsbäckerei, gibt es manche Leckerei, …” does anyone know this German Christmas song? I was in Germany, Ingolstadt (near Munich), this past weekend to see most of the family. My uncle turned 50 last week so everyone came together and we had some wonderful times there. My grandma listened to this German song in the car when they drove down from the north of the country to meet us. She had it stuck in her head the whole weekend and kept on reminding me that it used to be my all-time favourite Christmas song when I was younger. Fact is, I still do very much love it. It really brings back memories from when I was a child, baking and decorating cookies with my grandparents, mom and sister. I loved it. I still very much do love baking – which is why this season is one of my favourites when it comes to making dishes in the kitchen. It’s the perfect excuse for baking cookies and cakes. For cooking warm, hearty and stomach-filling foods. For drinking a glass of wine in the evening and ending the night with a hot chocolate and a marshmallow. And that is exactly what my boyfriend and I did last night – we took a rather semi-spontaneous trip down to the kitchen and made ourselves some hot chocolate. Amazing. Thank god we had some lactose free milk on hand!

This upcoming week should be rather calm at the office, which is nice. There is still loads to do, especially before the holidays start, but it’s not as filled in regards to events and outside meetings. I do have to get up super early tomorrow, though, to attend a 8am presentation. Way too early for me. Good thing is, with the sun setting so early and the sky darkening so quickly, I go to bed rather early these days. Especially after this weekend I will need to catch up on some sleep again during the week. I might be travelling this weekend on a spontaneous note, too – but the plan right now is that we will stay in Zurich and enjoy another weekend here before I leave to Malta again next week. Maybe I can bake a few more cookies on the weekend? There is always some kind of excuse and I’m sure I’ll find another one if needed this weekend, too. Besides, who needs an excuse for baking cookies? xo

Happy Valentine’s

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Happy Valentine’s my loves! Today is the day we celebrate love: the day to celebrate our partners, our families, our friends and ourselves. Really, in my opinion, it’s about giving love to the ones we are closest to, the ones that mean just that much more to us – or, for some, it’s a day like any other. In reality of course it is, but why not use this perfect excuse to make it a little extra special – be it for yourself with a nice manicure, a spa day or a movie-night in.

I know this is only a super short post but I wanted to use this second in time to wish you all a lovely Sunday and Valentines! xo


Weekend Plans

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Finally Thursday! Not only is it Thursday, but it is the first free night for me in a really long time. I finished my uni course last night and now have vacation for the next three weeks – so nice. However, I’ve gotten so used to studying every single night after coming home from work, I almost feel like I have nothing to do anymore. Doesn’t that sound sad? Well, I’ve decided to do what I do best – being in the kitchen. I will be making some more cookies tonight, preparing a bunch for the weekend when the family arrives on Sunday and to have a stack for the Christmas days. Because, let’s be honest, it ain’t no Christmas without the right amount of cookies, right? Good thing I don’t have to eat them all by myself.

Tomorrow is another exciting day. Not only is it Friday and close to the weekend again (I cannot wait to sleep in), but tomorrow my Christmas tree is arriving! I ordered it as it is my first time celebrating at my own place with the family. And quite frankly, I am too lazy (let’s admit it, I am too weak) to carry a Christmas tree by myself home. Its taller than me, which really gets me most excited. I bought all the decorations for it last year in sale (yep, so smart) and am really looking forward to getting the Christmas mood more into the apartment. I just really hope I have everything, and enough of everything. The good thing is that it is not too last minute and I still have a couple of days to organize anything I might be missing after all.

Tomorrow night I will be seeing a friend, might even go out after that and then repeat all that Saturday night (at least the club part). This weekend is the last one before the holiday season really kicks in and all parties and events seem to have fallen on the same weekend – not surprisingly though. So it will be one more busy weekend, then I can officially relax a little more. I’ll try to update you a little more in the upcoming days since I officially (should) have more time – so stay tuned. xo


Street Food Festival; Part I

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Good morning loves! It’s been a while and I do fully apologize for that – I’ve been kept busy the whole past week, trying to catch up with work after the London trip, going to further conferences and meetings, started my studies again (so sad, vacation is over!) and was out all weekend. I hadn’t planned to do much this weekend, but as it always is: when you don’t plan anything really, you end up everywhere! :-) Or at least that is what happens to me almost every time..

Saturday I went to the Street Food Festival up at the Dolder (Hotel in Zurich) with one of my friends – though we didn’t stay too long. We walked down (big hill right there!) and enjoyed the amazing weather here in Zurich. After a lovely talk at the lake I raced home to quickly change and go out to dinner with two lovely friends that came all the way from Hamburg. We went to Razzia, which supposedly is the new IT restaurant everyone goes to lately. I honestly haven’t been before but I must say the food was amazing – yet, quite pricey as the portions really weren’t too big.

Sunday I went to the Food Festival again with another friend, who came specially for me from Basel to go and get some inspiration at the festival. I must say some of the stuff is great and I surely did get a few inspirations here and there (red burgers!), though I was also a bit disappointed when it comes to the trendy part of it. I always thought that Food Festivals are supposed to show the latest trend? I guess not, or at least, I did not really find any. I did see great burgers, lots and lots of BBQ stuff, quite a bit of vegan and vegetarian foods, yet barely anything that was gluten free and sadly the ice creams presented weren’t lactose free (same with the milkshakes!). Yet, I don’t want to talk it bad, because in the end it does have some delicious food if you can eat gluten :-)

Now off I jump, my first meeting starts at 9am and I still need to make breakfast – blueberry milkshake it shall be! xo






Give to Get

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It’s Monday already – again. Thankfully I still have vacation this week though, I’m absolutely loving this. Not doing anything special, living each day as it comes, being with the family, staying all cozy inside if it gets cold outside (it’s freezing here at the moment). And, I guess I have been working a few hours today: I couldn’t watch my mailbox grow every hour, so I had to clean that up a bit and replied to a quite a few. I’m also starting to fill my calendar again for the upcoming weeks – so much to do, so many people to meet, so many small projects I want to work on. I’m really looking forward to 2015.

Speaking off, do you guys have or do new years resolutions? Deep down inside I always have a few, but I never really followed them strictly and then I stopped making resolutions. I want to top and exceed what I’ve managed to do the last year. I want to continue growing (sadly I can’t grow in height anymore, haha!), learn more, discover more, keep this blog going and growing, travel more, and and and.. the usual, I guess?

This post however is supposed to be, as promised yesterday, about a few presents I got from the family. I love presents – well, who doesn’t, really? But in the end it’s not about the presents at all, it’s about the thought behind it, the thought of trying to make someone happy, trying to find something worthy, writing the right words on a card to keep, making people smile and sometimes tear of joy. Jeez, I’ve become so teary – I almost started tearing when we read out the letters we received from ‘Santa’ (my grandma wrote them). The words were so loving, so warm: it made me melt.

Now, here are some pictures of my lovely presents I received.


I got a lot of stuff for the kitchen and interior in general – my family knows me too well. Living in ‘Style’, i.e. feeling cozy, is super important to me at home. The wooden board for cutting and for taking pretty pictures (yep, that was the aim) is hand-made by my mother. How great is that?


The fur is amazing – I also received a second one. It’s for my balcony in Zurich, so that I don’t freeze my ass off (excuse me) when sitting outside in the winter. I love it.


Are those socks not the cutest thing in the world? Can’t wait to wear them! Thank you to my lovely sister (also for the book and the amazing tea).


Oh, and isn’t this watch so pretty? I love it! I The pictures are not the greatest currently I admit, but I’m sure I’ll be showing the individual things sooner or later in different posts were appropriate.

Now I’m off to preparing dinner. Wishing you a great evening. xo