Clean Chicken Yogurt & Fruit Salad

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Happy Friday! My favorite day. Not because I don’t enjoy work, not because I go out, but because I can sleep in the next day and thus stay up a little longer for once in a while without being fully sleep deprived the next morning. That is, if I manage to sleep in. Tonight I have date-night – and I decided to cook at my place. I love to get all cozy at home and just enjoy home-cooked food once in a while. Same thing tomorrow – I will be having one of my girl friends over to chitchat on the couch, be lazy, drink some vino, and enjoy some home-cooked deliciousness (or so I hope). I have been searching for some new recipes to tingle my taste buds just a little bit more these days.

Looking at recipes, I chose one of her recipes (that is part of a meal plan) and slightly changed it – just because I did not have the same exact ingredients on hand. I love her recipes because they are simple, super quick to make, and easily amendable. That is, I suck at following recipes to the point – I always need to put my own note on it and I cannot weight foods for life. I just don’t have the patience.

So here I tried a super healthy, super clean, and surprisingly fresh tasting chicken salad that I combined with fruit and nuts. For informational purposes: I have started buying (as often as possible) all organic products. Also, Coop (favorite little supermarket around the corner of my house) offers a huge range of glutenfree and lactosefree products since a while; which makes cooking just so much more fun.

So for this salad, I used the following ingredients:

– 2 pieces of chicken (around 220g), poached at home and after cut into bite-size pieces
– 1/2 a yogurt (natural taste, lactose free in my case)
– a good handful of cherry tomatoes, cut in quarters
– a good handful of seedless grapes, cut in halves
– 1 medium-sized green apple, cut in bite-size pieces
– a small handful of cut almonds

And believe it or not – that is it. All of the above ingredients were tossed in a large bowl, well stirred and immediately served. Oh, and this keeps you fuller for longer than you though (protein packed, I assume) and lasted me for two meals (kept in the fridge).

I would also think that some fresh orange pieces could taste great in it, perhaps in stead of the grapes – so that is something I will surely try out next time. Also, if you want your salad a with a little more spice or taste, try adding in a spoonful of agave syrup for sweetness, or some chilli flakes for the spicy kick. Lastly, fresh lemon juice is always a good idea.

Let me know your thoughts and if you have tried out this recipe – or anything similar! xo

Wrapped Chicken Salad

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What better is there than a Chicken fajita inspired wrap – the healthy way! I’ve been looking at my diet and eating habits recently and started cooking differently. I am actually being a little restrictive with not even drinking alcohol or eating certain foods – but not forever, trust me. This is a kick-start I have always wanted to do, and it seems to work perfectly so far. Although I am a bit restricted in what I am eating, I still try to be creative with my food, make it not only yummy, but also try to make it look presentable. This of course does not mean that I won’t bake anymore or enjoy a glas of wine here and there – I surely will, just not this month. I’ve been seeing a lot of chicken fajitas lately – or maybe I’ve been craving them for too long and noticed every single picture suddenly out in the social media world. Either way, I decided to make a healthy treat out of it myself and made myself this little lunch yesterday. Little is to say it looks small on the picture – but trust me, it’s filling. As always, the food is dairy and glutenfree – and this time, doesn’t even contain any oils or sugars. It is super easy in the making and takes about 20 minutes time to prepare.

What you need for 1 portion

100g chicken
3 tablespoons of tamari (gluten free soy sauce / or use a normal one if you can)
4-5 large mushrooms
1 large onion
2 medium-sized leek
iceberg salad / or any salad that has large leafs to wrap up the “fajita”
in case you do not have a coated pan, you  might need some olive oil

What to do

1) peel the onion and first 1-2 layers of the leek and cut up all vegetables into small, bite-size cubes
2) clean the chicken and remove any visible fat or veins – and likewise, cut it up into bite-size pieces
3) heat up a pan large enough for all vegetables and a smaller pan for the chicken (depending on your pans, you might not need any oil – otherwise, add some olive oil)
4) add the onion, mushrooms and leek into one pan and the chicken into the other
5) add 2 tablespoons of tamari to the vegetables, and make stir it well. Add one more tablespoon of tamari to the chicken
6) cover up the pans and put the heat on medium heat
7) cook both the vegetables and the chicken for about 15 minutes – though do take off the cover once or twice to stir everything
8) once the chicken is done (do test one piece), it can be added to the vegetables and on high heat, stir it for another 2-3 minutes
9) Lastly, take the mixture aside and let it cool off slightly (don’t want it burning through your salad later on..) 

Now you can

1) Use a spoon to fill up your salad wraps and enjoy your meal
2) Or place the vegetable and chicken mixture into the fridge for another day (if you use an air-tight box, it will stay good for 3-4 days in the fridge)

If you want the whole meal to look a little more colorful, try adding in some red paprika or corn if you like. Of course, you can make double the portion for two people or as much as you need or can eat :) Bon appetit!