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Me, Myself and my (Canon) Camera!

Posted on 2min read

Me, myself and my camera – that will be my main motto the upcoming weeks! I have always loved photography; especially being behind the camera and taking photos. I have read so many magazines about photography, read so many blogs and seen so much great photography throughout my life. I…


Marble Details

I’m totally in love with my new laptop case! I’ve been thinking about getting one for quite a while now, although I usually prefer my gadgets in its original form and look. So to speak – I always found it nicer without anything on. Now that I’ve been on planes…


Smart-Packing for long trips

Good morning folks! I am now on my way to DΓΌsseldorf to spend time with the family over the festive holidays. I spent all night packing, as usual worrying that I’d forget something majorly important. I always forget something haha! I still have a cold and because it’s also winter…