Mini Banana Pancakes

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If you like bananas, you will clearly love the following, super easy to do, banana-egg-pancakes. Personally I never really liked bananas as such. Lately though, I’ve been having one every morning – in a banana milk shake. You heard it right: I’m a huge fan of my morning milk-shakes. One, I will share with you soon. For now, I may present you my mini-banana-pancakes.

For the recipe you need the following items:

▪   1 banana

▪   2 eggs


Stir both the eggs and the banana well, until you have a smooth, quite liquified dough. Et voilà – you are most certainly almost done. Now heat up a pan, add some oil – or butter, if you like – and go flip those pancakes through the air. Personally, I decided for small ones.

For the decoration – yes, I love pretty food – I added some fresh strawberries.


The NEW StylePhantom

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I am finally back – and with me I took: StylePhantom! Some of you might already know my old blog. Due to not knowing whether I should continue my blog nor really liking the design of it, I went offline for quite a while. The past few months have been filled with new, exciting things though: I travelled, I took on a new job, I moved city and country and looked deeper into what I really want. So here it is:

I missed writing, I missed sharing my life (to a healthy extend) on StylePhantom, missed StylePhantom itself, missed my readers and missed having that certain “free-time” in my life, which enabled me to fully let go of everything around me. So, here I am, super excited to share with you parts of my life. Now living in Zurich and having a new surrounding, has given me the opportunity to take a new view upon situations, products, places and decisions – some of which I am really looking forward to sharing with you!

To be fully honest, I wanted to start the blog a little earlier again. However: Moving, changing jobs, travelling and getting settled has really taken lots of my energy in the past. Most likely I will not be able to post on a daily basis in the future either, though I will try my best to keep a healthy routing: for you and myself.


Laura Nanette Gambineri (1 von 8)


Photography: Lars H. Eckernkemper

For now: I hope you will enjoy reading future blogs, as much as I love flipping through my magazines and blogs (call me a lifestyle-junkie, seriously)!