WeekendLove – Thank You

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Hi everyone! I got quite a few e-mails in the past from readers and I really, really wanted to thank you for that. I started this blog a while ago mostly for friends and family , to just let out some of that creativity, to have something that separates me from my job – to just write. What I did not expect is to have several hundred readers a week, growing by the months. So I wanted to take this quick moment to say Thank You – all of you, reading my posts, commenting them, writing me e-mails or just following. It’s fun to write, and even more fun knowing there are also readers out there haha! So this heart (sorry for the webcam-quality) is for all of you!

Interior Inspirations over Lunch

Hi everyone! I absolutely love my job – no doubt whatsoever – and I love the going out for lunches. I love my going-out lunches even more though, when I can get some great inspiration into it topped off with with a lovely talk with a friend over some great food. Is that too much to ask, haha? No, I think it is the perfect combination and one I cannot live without.

So today a friend showed me one of my favorite stores here in Zurich, that I actually know from Hamburg and Dรผsseldorf. “Herzlich Trend und House” in Seefeld (Zurich area) is one of those interior shops I could spend all my savings on. I love the white, Scandinavian design when it comes to furniture, the classic silver pieces when it comes to decorations and a great quote on the wall that makes you smile every time you read it. ย What’s your personal style you would choose for your home? Does anyone know similar shops in Zurich? I love checking out new places for further inspiration and am always greatful for some insider tips!










FW14/15 Style Inspirations

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Happy evening everyone! Guess what? Monday is almost over and therefore only four more days are between us and the weekend haha. I’m looking for, well actually I’m in serious need of, a new winter jacket. I’m absolutely loving this jacket from the Acne collection – both in black and beige! Now the jacket itself is slightly more than what I want to spend – or even can spend, regarding the fact that it’s “only” a jacket as such. So my mission is to find one similar to the above but a little less pricey! Anyone have ideas of where I should be looking? I would be so, so thankful! And: which color do you guys prefer?

Wishing you all a great night!

Creating my creative space

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a lovely weekend so far – and a great week, of course! I’m still not a 100% fit and stayed home most of the weekend to get healthy faster. When I’m home that much I normally get completely cracked. I can’t just sit there and wait and hope to be fit again by monday. Instead, I looked at my workroom, which I like to call my creative space, and noticed it is far from inspiring me. When I moved in everything just got kinda placed there, you know? Especially my bookshelfs really annoyed me. They were so messy, all books basically just thrown in without any order. I do however like it when things are in order, or semi-order. In fact, I love my books sorted by color. Don’t get me wrong though, my bedroom can easily become a chaos – luckily, a chaos I always have a good overview of.

So this weekend was dedicated to cleaning up my apartment, moving my furniture around and making it a little prettier. I wanted that this-is-home-feeling. I also moved around the sofa in the living room and gave that room a whole new perspective. I think I quite like it though I will test it for a few days now. I flipped one of the bookshelfs over and noticed that I can fit almost all my books in one bookshelf. Ok, I do have some others which were stored somewhere else. I used the other bookshelf to display my photography-books, my fashion books and most importantly: my magazines. Not all, but the most important ones are all sorted by date. I still have quite a bit of reading regarding those – I actually still haven’t had the chance to look into some of the September ones. Now the October ones are covering the rest already.

So I thought I’d share some of that with you. Next I am going to sink into my sofa and start learning a bit. Yep, I though I had left that one behind with Uni. Obviously you never stop learning as such, but studying has really become an effort after one year not doing it haha. I’ve always wanted to dive, so finally I have taken the chance and bought a course: ย I am now learning all the theory parts of becoming an Open Water Diver. How cool is that? Coral reefs – here I come!







October Tunes

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Happy October everyone! Time passes so unbelievably fast – can you believe it? Literally, I almost basically just moved to Zurich; and that was May. Now it’s already October and autumn has totally arrived. How can I tell? Well, Im sick. Haha, sucks so much. The good part about lying in bed all day, other than sleeping alot, is the time for new music. You all know I am an addict to the music, it’s the one drug I cannot live without.

Here are some of my new songs, that are to be found in my iTunes. Next to the other 60 I got. Like last time, the genre changes quite a bit, but I love having variations in the music I listen to. It’s all a matter of mood, of feelings, of surroundings, of the weather and season. Really, so many factors play a role in my choices regarding my music. What are your favorite songs currently? Also, I cannot believe there are so many “old” songs out there that I obviously have not heard of yet, how did that happen?

Sia – Chaneldier

Chris Brown – Time for Love

Enrique Iglesias feat. India Martรญnez – Loco

FKA twigs – Two Weeks

Luke James – I Want You

(*I really cannot get enough of his voice – is not beautiful?)

Rhye – Open

Bondax – Baby I Got That

(such a good-mood-song: How did I not know this one before?)