Spring Essentials You Need

I cannot wait for spring to arrive! It is seriously one of my favorite seasons in the year – most likely because everything starts becoming green outside again and flowers start to blossom. It’s the time where the grey of the winter is being washed away and it seems that every ray of sun is being appreciated just that much more. Sadly, and to my disappointment, winter still hasn’t left us and it’s said to snow quite a bit again this upcoming week. Nevertheless, I couldn’t help myself but look into some online shops and make my own collage for some spring decorations at home. I could seriously buy of all these things.

I have this phase where currently I love everything black and white, with some subtle hints of colors. I don’t know why but I am fully hooked on these flamingo pictures right now. They are so simplistic, yet burst out this essence of spring that I am really loving right now. Funnily, or sadly enough, my apartment seems the opposite vibe from what I am imagining it to be. I love my home, don’t get me wrong – but it’s rather styled and decorated in earthy colors, warm browns and (50) shades ofΒ of greyΒ fill my living and dining room; which essentially is where I am most of the time when relaxing a bit. Looks like I’m in need for some winter-wash-away in regards to my home decorations.

I totally fell for this black chair – and believe it or not, it’s actually quite comfortable when combined with a large fur. I couldn’t help myself but buy this chair last week to have in my ‘creative’ (or better: my study- and work-) room. The chair is actually from ConfodΓ©co here in Zurich, is much cheaper and even on sale right now (under CHF 100) – way to go! I placed one of my light grey furs on it, which is totally fine for the time being. Yet, it’s a bit too small and so I need something a bit larger. Oh, and in light beige whilst we’re at it. I love the version you can see on this collage.

I made the collage using Polyvore, so you can easily get the link to the individual items right here. On another note, I’ve been working on a new recipe the past weekend as well as this weekend and got an approval from my dad tonight that it’s ready for presenting it to you guys (meaning I can worry a little less when posting it online!). It’s the perfect party snack, great for dinners, a lovely meal to take to the office, easy to make and relatively low in calories (at least it contains neither sugars nor carbs – which I personally then like to categorize as healthy). I’ll most likely post it early next week, so do stay tuned on that one! Until then, I wish you all a great Sunday evening and Monday morning to come – new week; new goals! xo

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