Rivièra Maison Maastricht

Good morning loves! The weekend is officially over and I about to run off to work again – a full week ahead! I usually don’t say ‘Let the countdown for Friday begin!’ as I don’t mind the days inbetween the weekend either currently (sounds crazy, huh?). The week gives me time to stop thinking about all the things circleing in my head and thus actually gives me a break from other topics. This week however, I AM counting down to Friday. I am finally flying to Oman on Friday with my bestest friend – and I literally cannot wait for vacation to start! Finally it’s all about bikinis, sun tanning, the ocean, diving, good food and sleeping in again. I’ve waited too long it seems! Until then, however, I have lots to do. My schedule is packed every single day with meetings and whatnot. Wednesday I’ll be flying to Vienna for some meetings, which I am really looking forward to as well. Thursday, at the latest, I need to pack everything, though I will probably need to start that on Tuesday already to manage all the other tasks. I do, however, still need to work on my studies somehow. This week will be challenging as I want to get everything done as fast as possible before I fly (writing assignments and further researching). Unfortunately my studies don’t stop during vacation, as I do an online degree, though I am looking forward to not having to stress myself in the evenings with that. And of course, I will make as many photos as possible from my holiday experience to share with you!

Now: It’s all about Rivièra Maison – my favourite interior design store, ever! Last weekend, when in Maastricht, we walked into the store. We easily spent an hour in there and if it wouldn’t have been for some of the family members and the bypassing time, I could have spent the whole day in there – daydreaming about my future house. I love the designs like no other. It gives me an instant feeling of being at home, of vacation, of summer, of love. I love the Scandinavian touch it all has, the wooden and earthy tones that are found everywhere and the small decoration details that make every room look so perfect. I swear I could buy almost the whole store – if only I had the space and money *sigh. I couldn’t resist buying myself a round mirror to hang up (tied to a thick rope) and small other stuff. My apartment screams decoration maniac by now but I admit there is no way to resisting it.

I can only call my place my home if I feel comfortable. Slowly but surely, my goal is to one day have everything in that summery, light, warm-feeling, with love filled, Scandinavian flair at home. Even better, I want to build my home house one day, design and choose everything from that amazing wooden floor to the integrated sound system. Big dream? Well, you’ve got to dream big to achieve it they say. Till then! xo











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