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Happy 1st of April, peeps! Time passes way to quick again (I know I say this regularly), but honesty, it does. Do you every feel like you have so much to do, so many things you want to accomplish and too little time? I have this feeling regularly, but it’s become worse lately now that I’ve stepped up the game in working out more regularly – or so I try – and often times working longer hours (topped-up with a few hours of studying for uni). One thing that I cannot live without is to-do lists. It’s simply a must for me and feels oh-so-satisfying when I can cross off yet another point. I have my LV agenda with me daily for appointments and bigger projects, have all meetings and every oh-so-little task in my outlook calendar at work (and hence synchronized to all my tech-pieces), and used to have a paper notebook at home where I’d write everything down to later cross out. Yep, I’ll even write down ‘vacuum the apartment’ just to feel satisfied later on when I can cross it off. It gives me a feeling of having actually accomplished something (other than the apartment looking clean).

Now, because I love everything pretty and decorative: having a paper notebook flying around is not the prettiest thing (think of the off-tone blue notebooks that college students use when scribbling down notes). And then I found My Black Book. Seriously, how stylish, clean, low-key and sophisticated does it look? Can you imagine that I am actually getting excited to write down daily tasks? I want to use it for when I am at home, need to scribble down thoughts (for future blogposts for example), having sparking ideas that might turn me into a millionaire one day (I wish), or for writing down those things I always want to do but never get to actually doing because I am too lazy (re-organizing my bookshelves). I bought this one in Manor (store in Zurich), though you can also orderΒ it here on amazon.

My plan for the weekend is thus to write down all the little things I want to change in my apartment. From theΒ bookshelves I want re-organized to the paintings I want to change – everything will be written down neatly in my little black book to cross out one by one at a time. With that, I wish you a wonderful continuing Friday and start to the weekend! xo


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