Loods 5 No.2

Happy Friday loves! Another week has passed – so fast! The week has been busy as usual, though I really did appreciate it going by so fast this time. After having had an emotional weekend (you know, those ups & downs in life ..) it’s been good to work and take my mind off other stuff. Yesterday it actually started becoming really Christmas-y. At least in the city, the Christmas lights went on! I didn’t have much time as I sat the evening in front of my computer studying and later reading some photography books (or trying to), though I did meet up with my dad and a friend to enjoy the view. Though, what a fail (sorry, Zurich) only half of the lights went on and it looks like something went wrong. It’s a pitty because there were thousands and thousands of people on the streets to take a look at the lights (yet I don’t understand the excitmentΒ about lights that we can see daily from now on). I’ll definetely try going back soon with my camera to take some pictures, when less people are around.

Today is yet another day to come, though I am really looking forward to the weekend. I will be flying to London tomorrow morning at around 10am (such nice timing, no stress in the morning!) to meet a friend in the afternoon. We will go a little shopping, I will be my tourist-y self and we will check out some boutiques I found online that I want to see. Sunday I will be having a long spa day at the hotel (it looks so nice online!) and seeing another friend sometime in between to catch-up on life stories and gossip. Monday to Wednesday I’ll be there for business and attending a two-day conference, which should be really interesting. I’ll make sure to take some pictures when I’m round and about in London and of the hotel (if it’s as nice as expected) to share with you.

Oh, and whilst flipping through my photography book yesterday, I (being a multi-tasking expert..not) flipped through some old photos on my laptop. Voila, I found some more from my trip the store Loods 5 that I went to with my mom. You can find all details about the store and what to expect there in my last postΒ about it. So really, this post is just a quick update on myself, my week and what’s to come – surely looking forward to sharing everything with you in the upcoming days! xo




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