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Good morning lovelies! It’s Thursday and I couldn’t be happier – the week has been great so far but I am simultaneously looking forward for the weekend. With it being Thursday, the weekend is just around the corner! Geneva on Tuesday was an absolute success – or at least, I surely had some positive meetings. Hopefully some business will form from that and the right connections have definetely been established. Now here is to my workspace: it’s simple, its more or less clean and currently organized. I admit, it isn’t always that organized – I manage to throw papers all over the place within a couple of hours if I start working from home. However, I still do try and clean it up as often as possible – I get frustrated when the chaos takes over..! Now here is the problem – I believe the mess comes from not having the surrounding ideally managed (meaning nice boxes, trays, whatever it takes). And it’s so simple at the moment, so clean – too clean. My mission is, ideally, to keep it simple, clean and fresh (lot’s of white), but I do want it a little more inspiring for when I sit down and throw some words on here.

Do you have any ideas on stylish organizing the desk? Surely, I always see those perfect desks on Pinterest and other websites – but is it just me or does everyone else only have one cup of coffe, one pen and one notepad on their desk? Honestly, I have a little bit more! I was also thinking about hanging up some larger photos above the iMac – preferably in black & white, maybe with a nice inspirational quote? I will try working on it this weekend if I find the time and I’ll make sure to share it with you afterwards. Until then, I am happy for any inspiration you guys have, seriously! :-)

Now I’m off to work and tonight I shall be at some kind of BBQ Opening Party at Kaufleuten (club in Zurich) with a friend. Friday is hopefully calm and Saturday it’s all about party! I might sneak into one of my favorite bookstores today over lunch to drewl over some inspirational art, interior, cooking and design books – since no meeting is planned for today (for once).

Till then, I wish you a great start into the day! xo



  • vanessa
    May 8, 2015

    Looks great!


    • Laura Nanette
      May 8, 2015

      Thank you Vanessa – that is much appreciated! :-) I was actually thinking of deleting it :( as I am not too happy with the photos – however I’ve gotten myself some great inspiration yesterday so I’ll be sharing that soon! xo

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