World Cuddle Day

Happy Cuddle Day! Yep, this is an official day in the year and one I really do appreciate – so here goes an online cuddle to all of you! I am officially back at the office today and I swear I have never been happier to work. Having been stuck at home for the past two weeks, not being allowed to do any fun activities, really killed me. Procrastination had hit a new level and in the end I did nothing but count the hours a day had left only to go back to bed. Finally that time is over – yet, I wouldn’t be surprised if I start complaining about not having enough free-time soon again. I still need to keep low on most activities, cannot go out, surely cannot do any sports for another two weeks and am still a little restricted in regards to eating and drinking (no alcohol, no super warm, spicy or acidic dishes, etc). Thankfully, one can only get the tonsils out once in a lifetime – so never again for me!

My work days will start off busy again. I have three meetings scheduled for today, will meet a friend over coffee after dinner and have lunch meetings coming up tomorrow and Monday as well. Next week I’ll be a two-day conference here in Zurich, will have business dinners at least twice and general meetings – though that is exactly why I love my job. I am still trying to figure out my year in terms of travel plans, though hopefully I will know more at the end of next week. Once that is settled, I can plan my personal vacation time as well. Now though, before I start rambling on about nonsense, I wish you all a wonderful World Cuddle Day – there’s no better excuse to cuddle a loved one just once more today. xo

ps. I’ll show you better pictures of this amazing new knit sweater soon!


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