when sisters grow up: Happy 18th Birthday

Happy Birthday to my little sister who isn’t all that little anymore! In fact, she’s actually a head taller than me since forever it seems haha. But seriously, she’s 18 and I cannot get over it! Where have the last 10 years gone? The weekend has been amazing so far – no time for anything really haha – but the whole family came together to celebrate. I flew to DΓΌsseldorf Friday at noon and took a day off of work tomorrow/Monday, meaning I’ll fly back tomorrow night. Today we had the whole family over at our place, from morning till evening. Mom and I cooked and baked all of yesterday so that we wouldn’t have the stress today. In between all the eating talking and fooling around, my sister opened all the presents – so much cool stuff. I’m especially feeling her new Michael Kors bag – black and gold!

I gave her a trip to Amsterdam for 2 nights in December. I booked a great hotel (or so it looks) for us and cannot wait to spend the weekend there with her. We’ll be traveling right before Christmas, so I mighy have to squeeze Christmas shopping in with it. I haven’t been to Amsterdam myself yet so I’m quite excited. We’ll have to do everything from touristy sight seeing, over shopping to going out – typical Amsterdam style of course! Hopefully with tons of photos!

Other than that I in general love seeing the whole family. Since I don’t live close by I don’t see them all too often. The happier I am when I do! Ohhhh, and I bought SUCH a cool new piece for those snowy days. Can’t wait to share it with you soon – hint: it’s vintage!


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