Weekend Plans

Finally Thursday! Not only is it Thursday, but it is the first free night for me in a really long time. I finished my uni course last night and now have vacation for the next three weeks – so nice. However, I’ve gotten so used to studying every single night after coming home from work, I almost feel like I have nothing to do anymore. Doesn’t that sound sad? Well, I’ve decided to do what I do best – being in the kitchen. I will be making some more cookies tonight, preparing a bunch for the weekend when the family arrives on Sunday and to have a stack for the Christmas days. Because, let’s be honest, it ain’t no Christmas without the right amount of cookies, right? Good thing I don’t have to eat them all by myself.

Tomorrow is another exciting day. Not only is it Friday and close to the weekend again (I cannot wait to sleep in), but tomorrow my Christmas tree is arriving! I ordered it as it is my first time celebrating at my own place with the family. And quite frankly, I am too lazy (let’s admit it, I am too weak) to carry a Christmas tree by myself home. Its taller than me, which really gets me most excited. I bought all the decorations for it last year in sale (yep, so smart) and am really looking forward to getting the Christmas mood more into the apartment. I just really hope I have everything, and enough of everything. The good thing is that it is not too last minute and I still have a couple of days to organize anything I might be missing after all.

Tomorrow night I will be seeing a friend, might even go out after that and then repeat all that Saturday night (at least the club part). This weekend is the last one before the holiday season really kicks in and all parties and events seem to have fallen on the same weekend – not surprisingly though. So it will be one more busy weekend, then I can officially relax a little more. I’ll try to update you a little more in the upcoming days since I officially (should) have more time – so stay tuned. xo


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