Up to the knees

Hey there and happy Wednesday! I hope you all had a great start into the week so far? Mine has been busy with work and meetings the past few days but it’s been pretty good. I am already exhausted though and almost looking forward to the weekend. If there weren’t all the other plans for the rest of the week!

Last night I saw one of my friends for dinner – she is one of my best friends back from highschoolΒ and currently studying in Scotland, so I only see her every couple of months. It was lovely! Tonight will be somewhat cozy however, which I am looking forward too as well, but tomorrow I am going out with friends from work. We will be having dinner and most probably are staying out longer for drinks, too. I love these guys, because you can always have a great laugh with them, so I am really looking forward to it. Friday I might see another friend, which I already saw last week and then I might be going out this weekend. If you think about it, it’s already Wednesday and in no time it’s friday again and then the weekend has started. What are your plans?

I had promised to show you some more pictures from Sunday (or at least I had planned on it myself), when my dad and I went to SΓ€ntis (one of the larger mountains here in Switzerland). The view up there was breathtaking as you can see from my previous post. Down by the parking area we also had meters of snow. The trees were bending slightly and the branches could barely carry the heavy snow. It looked absolutely amazing though – an incredible winter wonderland! I only managed to walk a few meters off the pathway until I already sank into the snow – knee high! Thankfully I wore my lambskin lined Hunter boots, which not only warmed my feet (I always haveΒ cold feet for some reason!) but also kept me dry. After all the lovely photos I tried going in deeper but failed because the snow did slip into my boots and I had to try and run out of the snow before I would sink in further haha. Have any of you been to SΓ€ntis before? If you live near or around Zurich and have nothing to do for the weekend I can only recommend going there at least once! I would check the weather online before though, as it wouldn’t be much fun if there is no sun up there and only clouds surrounding the mountain. I really want to go again in summer, as I’m sure the view must be beautiful when everything is green as well!

Now it’s time to head to the office for me! Wishing you all a great day xo






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