Thoughts on Easter Monday

Happy Sunday Monday, guys! I love having the day off, not only giving me the sunday-blues today, but also knowing that the week ahead is a hint shorter. The past week has been filled with ups and downs, and I want to apologize for the lack of content. Not only was I busy (as always, I know), but I honestly am lacking motivation and inspiration on all ends at the moment. Luckily, Easter came around and gave us all a long weekend – one for me to finally breathe a little – which I spent with my bestieΒ (& her family). I even went on an egg-hunt yesterday! As much as it might be an activity for little kids, I absolutely loved it and – quite honestly – I’ve missed it. So it will defintely be on my list again next Easter – egg-hunting for life! Otherwise, I will be working on my to-do list all day, crossing off everything from working out, cleaning, writing assignment(s) for my studies, to actually flipping through magazines, blogs, pinterest and instagram to get my inspiration going again!

With that, and I know it was only a short nonsense post today, I wish you all a lovely Monday. xo

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