Sunday-Walks in October

Hey everyone! I hope that you all had a wonderful day so far! I literally did not do anything really, haha. I had one of those super lazy sundays, which I absolutely love and cannot live without. I stayed in bed forever only to slowly get up at midday. The only thing I actually did was cleaning I guess haha, since I did clean, do the washing and made sure the apartment is pretty for the new week to start again. Other than that I went for a really beautiful walk today up into the hills and through the forests near my house. Autumn is probably my favorite season of the year – I love it when the leaves start changing their colors and soon everything will be orange and red. It’s astonishing, beautiful and breath-taking how nature can change into something so beautiful. Or I am just in a sentimental life phase haha. But really, I cannot get enough fo the sights! Sadly autumn is always super short, starts becoming cold and rainy way too fast and then everything will just become grey and dull in the winter months. Ah, so I am almost already looking forward to spring!

Now it’s time for some warm dinner, a hot shower and then I will most likely just sit infront of the TV tonight. The lazy sunday continues!












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