Hello loves! It’s officially summer – and I mean OFFICIALLY. It’s almost too hot (always complaining – can anyone relate?). Seriously though, you cannot leave the house for 5 minutes without breaking into a sweaty session – yea, not so nice. I really wouldn’t mind a bikini now, a beach or even a pool – I cannot wait for my next trip. I am currently planning on probably going to Spain latest in August again. Summer in Zurich is quite nice, as you have the lake to cool down and jump into. This week I am still in DΓΌsseldorf, which is why (and I apologize), my updates have been lacking majorly. I’ve been in Norden (city) until Tuesday night, as we celebrated my grandpa’s birthday last Saturday – it was great, with live music (50s & 60s rock’n’roll), lots of friends and family and some great meat from the grill. These days I am more hanging around, enjoying the time with the family, getting lactose free ice creams in the afternoon, reading for uni and later today I might do some shopping (always a good choice!). And since I do not want to bore anyone, I’ll leave it with that and update you once I’ve got a little more to update on! xo

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