Good morning loves! It’s saturday and finally weekend – the perfect day to sleep in and start that spa routine. Sadly, I fell out of bed again at 8 straight. Seeing the positive side, I’ve been pretty productive already, starting my paper for my studies and reading myself further into the subject. My lazy days are usually Sundays, which will be same this weekend. Today is packed with a meeting at noon and over lunch (exciting news to share soon, hopefully!), finishing up my project, working on some photography, and maybe going out tonight. Though honestly, I don’t mind a quietΒ weekend this time, so I might stay in tonight with a hot cup of tea and further working on some of my personal projects. I started a to-do list for those projects yesterday and let me tell you – it keeps growing by the hour. I have so many things planned for the future and it really takes some time-management skills to get personal, private projects, studies, full-time job and friends & family under one umbrella. But hey, keeping up the positive mood is the first step to everything. With that, I wish you a great start into the weekend – remember to smile. xo


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