Rolling out of Easter

Good morning lovelies! Easter has come so quickly and left even faster – can you believe it? I spent a lovely, lazy, long weekend here at my place in Zurich with the family. This year we decided not to go all crazy on chocolate (eggs), since every year we either complain that a) we ate too many :) or b) we throw them all away because no one really wants them. Instead, my mom and I tried out lots of different recipes for dinners and lunches and I went a little crazy in the beginning with my ‘healthy’ baking. The only annoying part was (and still is) my right wrist, which is still in a cast. I’ve stopped taking painkillers Sunday evening, and since I started working again yesterday, I’ve had some quite uncomfortable times with it – luckily I’ll get it off next Tuesday (crossing fingers that it won’t be swollen anymore then!).

Other than all the great food, I’ve absolutely enjoyed having the family over. In fact, it was the first time they came to my place – since my previous places were all too tiny (student-room sizes). I might have overdone it with my little white porcelain bunnies all over the living room – but hey, at least I admit to it! :) The weather has been awful last week though, and I felt so bad for my mother, sister and dog, as they always have bad luck with it here. It did turn quite nice though on Sunday and now it seems Spring is definitely on it’s way – or at least, let’s cross fingers that it won’t turn its back on us again! Now that everyone is gone again and I am back to routine, my food schedule should get back to normal again. Although we cooked more or less healthy only, I have the feeling I’m rolling off my bed now! ;( So now it’s back to doing some exercises in the morning and having my routinely 3 meals a day.

And now that it’s Thursday already, it’s only 2 more days till Friday! Can you believe it? I have another long weekend coming up (public holiday in Zurich on Monday) – so I am really looking forward to it; making it easier to get back into the routine! Wishing you all a great day, xo.

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