Reasons for and against buying the 24-inch Pink 2021 iMac

I believe I am lucky to be calling myself a proud owner of the newest pink 24-inch iMac that was released at the beginning of this year! Although I have had this wonderful computer for a while now, I wanted to try & test it before giving a small review – that is, less from a professional tech-savvy consumer standpoint (there are some amazing YouTubes and articles out there already) but a real-deal kinda review. I‘ll spill my honest thoughts and why I may not buy it twice.

In this little post I do not want to bore anyone with specifics or tech-specifics that you can get anywhere – best even, from the website itself. Here, I want to give my honest and raw opinion of why you may want to buy the newest 24-inch iMac or why you may want to wait.

So here are my thoughts, quick and dirty:

Pro‘s I am loving about this 24-inch Pink 2021 iMac

– the colors are super cute, that is, if you love colors on your desk (I have decided to go for pink to give my office space that extra little sparkle and girly-touch, because, why not!)

– the 24-inch iMac screen surely is an upgrade from the previous, now outdated, 21-inch iMac. And even if you had the larger, 27-inch iMac, you may still not miss the screen. From experience, I had both the 21-inch iMac at home and the 27-inch iMac prior at the office. Although I was scared of missing out on these extra 3 inches, I can confidently say that you will not miss it. The screen looks sleeker and due to the frame being thinner in design, you will barely notice it

– it is super fast – no doubt. Compared to the previous iMacs I had (from 2012 and 2014), the new 24-inch iMac with the M1 chip from Apple is incredibly fast. There is no more time to make a coffee when simply starting up your iMac, nope, it‘ll be faster than you can count to 10 (or maybe 15, if you count super fast!)

– The prices are really not that expensive; that is, compared to other computers from Apple. If we are talking Apple compared to other providers then yes, you still probably pay more than needed for the brand. Yet, you do get an incredibly fast and sleek looking computer on your desk.

– The iTouch key on the keyboard was long needed and I am so so thankful that we have it available on the keyboards now. I chose the extended keyboard with the numbers-pad integrated and I could not be happier. When you work with numbers on a daily like myself, this is a must. Also, the fingerprint iTouch key is incredible for working with encrypted programs that ask you to re-type in your password on the go.

– I love the new camera on the iMac. Sure, there are tons of better cameras out there integrated in phones, laptops or computers – but iMacs were in a major need for an upgrade. Like, seriously. Previously, on my old iMac from 2014 I had to use an external webcam to get a sharp picture for all my Zoom and Teams sessions – now, I am happy with the iMacs integrated camera. Yes, the quality could probably be even better. Yes, you probably cannot compare it to a strong external camera. But also, the sleek design of the iMac just looks 10-fold better on your desk without an external system.

Reasons you may not want to buy this 24-inch (Pink) 2021 iMac

– the colors are cute, but only, again, if you love colors. Because let‘s be honest – not everyone wants so much color on their desks. Yes, we do have a silver-ish version available again but really, a black (or the dark grey they have available for the iPhone Pro and MacBook Pros) or white version would have been even cooler IMO

– it is super fast – but the new ones are expected to be even faster. Of course, that is no surprise: every time Apple presents a new computer it is the fastest yet. The new laptops have just been presented and we already now know that a newer and therefore faster version of this M1 Apple chip is available. So, if speed is really important to you, you may want to wait.

– 24-inches are great, but 32-inches are even greater. Rumors state that even bigger iMacs will be presented in (perhaps early) 2022 – so, if you are looking for an even larger screen you may want to wait.

– Upgrading was possible, at least back in the day. If you did not have enough memory, it was a rather simple act to increase the memory oneself by buying extra chips and adding them into the given spaces in the back of the iMac. Nowadays, this is basically impossible (at least for the majority of people out there that do not know and want to take apart and re-build their Apple computers). Now, remember that memory is needed for speed and because our apps and Programmes we use are getting larger by each version, the disk memory we need increases every time. Therefore, you almost need to upgrade from the beginning on (vs. buying the standard in-store version) if you want your computer to last for a good 8-10 years.

So, would I buy the 24-inch 2021 iMac again?

Yes, I would. I totally would for the office because I believe it is top notch for what I do. I don‘t need fancy programs. I do not edit videos nor photos and I do not handle any graphic designs (even though I am sure that is all possible at a good speed with this iMac already). I mainly need to run large excel-sheets, write and edit documents, do a lot of Zoom (or other video) sessions and write a whole lot of emails. For all these tasks, it is perfect.

Privately, at home, I would probably buy something else. I loved my iMac for the years I had it but I am now ready to go back to a laptop. I have decided that I want to be able to travel more with my computer again and even though I‘ve had a laptop (also from Apple) at home, it was a rather old version and I predominantly used my iPad for most work-related tasks. Going forward, however, and because I do love editing my photos in a speedy fashion, I will be investing into a new MacBook Pro – with an even faster chip and a greater memory for all the graphics I intend to work on.

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