My New Year Resolutions for 2021

Happy New Year lovelies! I wish you all a great, healthy and fulfilled 2021. With every new year come new resolutions and goals that we want to achieve. Many people tend to eagerly work for these goals as soon as the new year begins and often fail within the first few months. That is often due to wrong goal-setting, something I had done a million times before and will most likely do again in the future. Yet, I believe being aware of these mistakes is the first step forward and thus I have made my resolutions around goals that are both achievable and in parts, necessary.

Here are my New Yer Resolutions for 2021 (in no particular order or priority)

  1. Invest in further education
    This year is all about further educating myself in topics that I deal with regularly and want to become more professional in. For me, this will most likely entail a new course going deeper into the subjects of what I work with (in finance) and I have already started looking at what courses work best for me and from what I can benefit from (professionally) in the future.
  2. Post consistently on my blog
    I have had my ups and downs with this blog and have decided that I want to work more consistently on this blog. My goal is to post weekly and for you to be able to read something new every Sunday. The next post topics area already planned and I will strategically work on creating content in advance for me to reach my goal. In addition, I want to focus more on the business & career side of life and share tips and tricks with you to make life easier in certain situations.
  3. Less is more; Decluttering my home
    The title says it all. I have already cleaned out a fair bit over the past months but there is still so much stuff around that I really have not used and most likely will not use. This year I want to work towards being more minimalistic (to the extend possible with the love of shopping and decorating), buying less and investing into quality pieces. Decluttering, however, is the first step!
  4. Invest in high quality fashion pieces
    I already mentioned that I want to invest more into quality pieces. This not only concerns pieces for my home but mostly for my wardrobe. I love fast fashion and I love trends – however, mostly I love watching these on other people. Over the years I have realised that I am slowly finding my style, feeling comfortable in certain colours and fits and that good quality really does look better, feel better and last much longer!
  5. Work on my sleeping schedule
    This past week I woke up at 5.30/6am – to my surprise, and even without an alarm. The days started with a walk outside with the dogs and my fiancΓ©, doing a mini workout, showering and getting ready. By 8am I was done and sitting at my desk. It was P E R F E C T. But lets be realistic, and look back at the Christmas holidays. Most days I slept until 10am (unbelievably long for me!), took naps during the day and went to bed around 1am or 2am in the morning. It was my vacation and totally fine; in the end, I really needed to catch up on sleep. Yet, I want to work on my sleeping schedule and try to be in bed by 11/11.30pm daily and wake up no later than 6am (or maybe 6.30am).
  6. Become more comfortable in my own skin & body
    Yes, you read that right! I too have my days where I feel wonderful about myself and the way I look, only to feel sh!t about it the next day. Now, I think it’s normal to not always love what you see in the mirror and especially we women tend to critisize ourselves more often than we should. Likewise, I think most people have the same issue as I do, yet it seems no one ever talks about it. There are two main things that I want to work on to feel better:
    a) less comparing, more caring – social media has its pros and cons and as much as I love Instagram, Pinterest & co., most influencers I tend to follow seemingly look perfect and live perfect lives. They look absolutely model-like, stunning, out of this world. That is far from reality in many cases, and if it is the case – bless, I wish I would have a similar body. But we need to remember that we all have different shapes & sizes and one particular size does not define health or happiness! I want to concentrate more on my health and feeling fulfilled (aka being happy) this year and comparing myself less to others.
    b) concentrate on how I feed my body and how different foods make me feel – I have noticed that as much as I love all types of sweets and most salty treats, I tend to feel bloated afterwards, heavy and not good at all. in fact, that ‘high’ feeling usually only lasts whilst actually snacking and is gone the second you finish your last bite. This is something I want to slowly change – I have noticed and written down what I feel does my body well and what doesn’t, now its about putting these goals into reality. Of course that does not mean one should deprive themselves of feel-good-food or treats once in a while, but I really want to become more aware of how and with what I fuel my body.

Last but not least, I also made a small list of things I want to do this year.

Also, in 2021 I want to…
– try watercoloring again (perhaps work on my own postcards to send to family & friends)
– try pottery
– take a flower arrangement course
– work on my photography skills
– travel to at least one new city / country (given it works with COVID19)

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