Happy Monday! As you might remember, my schedule is still super full until Wednesday night. Ok, actually the whole week – but it I am officially on uni-holiday from Thursday on. Cannot wait. :) However, I wanted to quickly jump-on in and say hi to all of you. I’ve had a delicious lunch today (as per the above photo) with one of my old friends that I’ve known for quite a few years. I love catching up with him, and although our lives continue and we do shoot into different directions here and there, it is always great to see what they are up to. I surely loved it. We went to Paddy Reilly’s in ZΓΌrich and I absolutely love their King-Prawn salad, it’s a must-try for all those that love seafood in combination with a salad (typical summer).

Coming home, I found a wonderful surprise waiting for me in the mailbox. I got a postcard from my bestie, who decided to just write how much she loves me – aww :’). And I have so much love for her! I love opening my mailbox and not receiving any invoices or mail that can immediately go into my trash. It’s these little things in life that one should appreciate – so many people come and go in our lives it’s incredible. But I’ve learnt that some of them are meant to be in your life and I won’t let go anytime soon (ever, really!).

Now I’ll continue with my final essay due Wednesday and hopefully find the right words for that introduction and conclusion paragraph that are still outstanding. Is it just me, or is that always the hardest part? Anyways – I hope you’ve all had a great start into the week and wishingΒ you a lovely night. xo


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