Looking for INS/PO

Thursday night already! Means we are so close to Friday – and let me say, I am so happy to sleep in this weekend. I’ve gone to bed way too late these past nights due to work and studying on the constant. Tonight was a more relaxed evening in front of the TV and surfing the net for some more inspiration (my favorite when I have time). One new website I certainly have on my list is the new INS/PO by Rami Hanna. I’ve been following his blog previously for some time and since a couple of weeks/months he’s had the heading PAUSE on stand-by. Now he’s finally back online (yes – outing myself as a fan) and I love his new website. As the name portrays it already, it offers lots of inspiration and I am already hooked. Something to look at more often!

Now I’ll try having an early night – time to get under the covers. Till then, wishing you a great Friday and starting weekend. xo




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