It’s the Final Countdown

Current mood: It’s the final countdown! After waking up this morning and realising it’s the last day of the year, this song popped up and keeps repeating itself in my head. I can’t believe the year is over already – again. Time flies, and it seems to fly faster than usual. What are your plans for tonight? Β After a lot of deciding and choosing between different events, countries and parties, I chose to stay in DΓΌsseldorf with the family. We will have a cozy nice dinner at home – enjoy some music and relax. Not the whole night, though! After dinner we will slowly head out to a party near our place – supposedly the whole town is going there haha. So I’m excited to see how that turns out. They have different themes regarding music, but I think we will be going to the 80’s and 90’s party – love the music from that time!


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