Interstellar and a view on the alps

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a brilliant start into the week – mine has been rather busy this week. My weekend however was lovely! I went to see the movie “Interstellar”, which was absolutely great. I rarely ever go to the movies, because I oftentimes see it more as a waste of time. I seem to cannot sit still and this movie, oh my, is 186 minutes long! To my surprise it felt so much shorter, the movie literally seemed to suck me in. There are so many interesting facts built into it, combined with so many messages that time seriously flies.

I guess you can read so many important things out of this film, but especially the importance of family in ones life and the fact that love is basically an unstoppable force, really hooked me. I’m usually not really into science fiction films but I really do recommend this movie to everyone. Just make sure to fill up on enough food and drinks prior! Luckily I was out for sushi previously so I was able to skip the sweets – I couldn’t eat anything after, I was so full!

Have any of you seen the movie – what are your thoughts on it?

Sunday was lazy and active simultaneously. Does that make any sense haha? I started the day with majorly cleaning and then went out for a walk. The view up from the Uetliberg (big hill nearby) is breathtaking- literally! You can see over all of Zurich and beyond. As much as I like to run away from the cold, I cannot wait for the snow to arrive and look at the view again. After coming back home the rest of my Sunday was seriously lazy. But hey, I gu that is what Sundays are here for in this part of the world.


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