In thoughts


It’s too hot! I really don’t like to complain, but it’s utterly too hot right now. We are having 36ยฐC and more today, and our office has no air conditioning. Can you imagine? If it continues like that I can swim in my own sweat :-) So as you know I’ve been quite busy lately – now I am in thoughts (that photo though..). I have so many things I want to do, so many projects I want to start and it only really just overwhelms me ย a little. I think I’ll have to sit down sometime next week (when the uni stress is over for a bit) and make a plan of all the things I want to do and work on. What are you interested in seeing or hearing about? I have the feeling I’ve missed out on quite a bit the past weeks so I would love to hear some thoughts from you guys!

Now I’ll just pretend that I’m at some beach, holding a lovely drink and enjoying the breeze of the ocean! xo

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