I admit it: I did it. As soon as I finished my last final course project last week Thursday, I downloaded Pokémon GO Friday during lunch. The fever hit me – I gotta catch them all. No but honestly, the game brings back so many fun childhood memories. It’s incredible. I don’t have time to run around all the time and I still do got to work. However, I did notice myself walking the one or other longer way to get to a destination – carried by the hope that I’d see another Pokémon on the go. Want to catch a Pikachu right away? Wait a little while before trying to catch your first (out of 3 optional) ones, throw around a few balls and voila – Pikachu will be at your feet. It might sound super childish – and I admit it is – but I really do love the game. Neverthless, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is a hype. Let’s see how long it stays that way.

During the week I don’t have much time either way – though today during the lunch I walked around a bit before getting food and – yes, I’m loving it – caught a few more Pokémon. The upcoming days will be rather stressful though. I’ve got a few meetings coming up tomorrow, need to fly to London Wednesday (just for the day), got more meetings in Zurich on Thurday (plus celebrating a colleagues birthday), and a few more things to do on Friday. Then, finally, I have a week off. August 1st (Monday) will be off anyway, as we have a national holiday here. Tuesday-Friday next week I took off – I want to calm down a bit (use my way-too-many vacation days) and: paint! I finally ordered new materials and want to work on two large paintings again – one for the bedroom ,one for the living room. I’ve got quite a few ideas, and two concrete ones, though I need to fine-tune them and decide on how it will (more or less) look like in the end. Since I work a bit more abstract, I can’t plan it all too much, anyway.

Now that it’s raining and I don’t have to work on any uni stuff for the next two weeks, my evening will entail starting a new book and maybe some TV. Very relaxing! What are your plans for the week? The weather in Zurich is a catastrophe right now – its seriously pissing outside! xoIMG_6945


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